Bee costume

My son had a costume party in kindergarten last week. He had a clear vision of being a bee with a stinger on his bum.

So, I made a costume for him with wings and a stinger pointing out on the backside.  The outfit is just a vest with a hood with wide ribbing on the hem. I used yellow and black stretch terry for this and it is lovely and soft to wear. Wings are made out of small piece of tulle, just sewn with zigzag to keep them in right shape.

And off he went, buzzzzzzing…



Diamonds are a boy’s best friend


I love the diamond pattern and I wanted to make something with that to my little boy. However, it is very difficult to find any nice fabric with diamond pattern so I decided to improvise and went through my piles of recycled denim. I cutted trousers in size 80cm and used folk art fabric colours to make diamond pattern on the denim.

It turned out quite cool. The black colour is not very even, but it works on the denim just fine, as it is not too even coloured background either. So, diamonds for my little diamond. Sparkly, don’t you think? ;)



Pippi is back!

Pippi Longstocking is back again!

This time in a dress, which I made for my friend‘s three year old daughter.

I used the fabric in the front and yellow flowery vintage cotton at the back and sleeves. The dress is wide and with elastic on the neckline, so it will fit her quite a long time, first as a dress and then as a tunic. The sleeves are wide and not full length with elastic on the wrists.

Cute cute for a little Pippi! Happy Birthday little Viena!


Chevron Chevron..


Autumn always makes me wanna pull up my calendar and get organised. My old fabric covered organiser, that I bought years ago,  had gone all worn out.  So, it was a time for a new cover.

I could have just covered the old fabric with a new and glued it on top, but I decided to make removable cover, so it is easier to change it when ever. I found this amazing black and white chevron cotton from Etsy and HAD to get some of it. And it is just perfect for this project! I just LOVE chevron these days ;)

I used a tutorial from Villapata blog as a guideline and improvised the  rest. ;)  The tutorial is unfortunately only in Finnish, but the pictures should be useful. (And google translate ;)) There are few pockets inside for cards and papers and the best thing is, I can just wash this, if it gets dirty or make a new one when ever I feel like  a change.

It turned out perfect!  Now I can just add new calendar pages and get organised!! Jee – I love Autumn ;)

Black and white

Here is another set for a tiny baby girl. This one is definitely one of my favorites, as black and white are very much my colours ;) I have even started making more black and white clothes for my boys. With some colour splashes, of course.

The set is made of soft black and white terry. I added yellow ribbing for some colour. The black and white dress is soft and really comfy to wear. I also made a hat to go with the dress, as the little ones need to have something on their heads, especially here up north. Nice combo, don’t you think? ;)

Pippi skirt

A while ago, I made this Pippi dress, which is available in Suomi PRKL! Design in Reykjavik, Iceland. The fabric has caught a lot of attention, and it is indeed a cute and rare vintage found. I only had a small sheet of the fabric available, so I couldn’t make too much out of it. However, there were just enough left to spice up a skirt with few Pippis ;)

This red and white spotty skirt is size 116cm and has red ribbing on the waist. It is made of four pieces of fabric and Pippi fabric is on front and back. The skirt is made for a little girl, that reminds me of Pippi Longstockings occasionally. Quite fitting, I think ;)

Hearts for Martta

My friend had a beautiful baby girl few months ago and I got to meet the little cutie pie few weeks ago. She was just as adorable as I imagined! ♥

I made her a small outfit in soft velor. Yellow velor dress with white hearts was spiced up with turqoise ribbing. I also made a small pointy hat with the same combination and I think the outfit turned out really cute!

These small soft dresses are perfect baby presents and I love making them in different colour combinations. The little ones look so adorable in them! ;)