Something to brighten up the day

Although I love retro prints and colours, I find myself mostly wearing black and white. I have tried several times to add some colour to my wardrobe, but it always seems to go back to basic black and white. I feel like wearing lot of colours makes me look like a clown. I think it looks really nice when other people wear colours, but somehow it just never became me. Accessories are another thing though. They can and must be bright and colourful, something to brighten up the day. After all, one needs to have some colour in life.

Here are some colourful accessories for bigger and smaller retro fans. Huggable soft toys for little retro babies and bags and cup carriers for bit bigger retro lovers.

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  1. Kári Emil 28/08/2009

    My design teachers tell me designers often prefer wearing black/white because wearing colours can be distracting to the creative process.

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