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It is funny how boys tend to like cars no matter what you do. My son has been a huge car fan since he was a baby. He would Brrrr Brrrrr with what ever he got a hold of and pretend it was a car. His dad is not much a car person, neither am I, so we find it funny that he is so fascinated with them. Because of his love of cars, I just had to buy this car fabric when I saw it in a net shop a while ago.

I had enough fabric to make also a birthday present for Onni’s four years old cousin. He is also a little car enthusiast. The car in front of the shirt is appliqued of leftover velor bits. Perfect outfit for a little mechanic, I think.


  1. Niinu 12/01/2010

    Kivasti piristää tuo oranssi:)
    Meillä asustelee poikkeuksellinen poikalapsi,autot ovat saaneet olla rauhassa…

  2. Ansku 12/01/2010

    Ihana paita! Kivasti sopii värit ja hieno tuo iso auto :) Meillä taas tyttö(kin) tykkää autoista..

  3. Anis 12/01/2010

    Oikein ihana kokonaisuus syntyi oransseilla tehosteilla:)

  4. Petra 12/01/2010

    Ihana! Mä oon ihmetelly tuota samaa, se on poikiin niin sisäänrakennettu juttu :D

  5. madebyKA 16/01/2010

    Ihana paita ja ihanasti sopii oranssi paitaan. Kiva applikaatiokin! :)

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