Like candy

This fabric is like candy. Yammi Yam! My friend fell for this vintage Tampella fabric as soon as she saw it and wanted a bag out of it. I made the lining out of red and white polkadot cotton, which I thought suited the theme nicely. There is inside pocket with a zipper and a small pocket for mobile phone or ipod etc. I also added a hook for the keys, so they won’t get lost inside the big bag. Delicious, isn’t it?


  1. Hulda 07/03/2010

    Sooooo cooooooooooooool :o)

  2. Fanndis 08/03/2010

    hehe….. so LOVING my new bag :) and about high time that i had one with stile ;) i realy like the color combination :D

  3. Fanndis 08/03/2010

    mine…mine…mine ;) hehe….

  4. piia 10/03/2010

    Glad you like it ;)

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