Laptop sleeve a’la Circus

Here is another one of Retrobug Laptop Sleeves. This one is made of a retro curtain with cute Circus theme. Zebras, elephants and lions decorate this cutely compact laptop sleeve, which is only about 30cmx 24cm in size. Definitely a cool bag to show up at work with.  Hope the lady likes it. ;)

p.s. If you want Retrobug Laptop Sleeve for yourself, check out the Retrobug Shop HERE and choose the  fabric of your choice. Retrobug Laptop Sleeves are made in various sizes to fit your laptop nicely!  :)


  1. Maiju 27/04/2010

    Cool one! Definitely brightens up a boring day at the office ;)

  2. Riikka 29/04/2010

    tykkään jo nyt :)

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