Summer Skirt Tutorial

It is finally up and running! The Summer Skirt Tutorial is now available under the Tutorials button in the sidebar. The tutorial is for a skirt size 2-3yrs old but there are also advice how to change the measurements for adult size skirt. I hope the tutorial is useful and clear, so if there are questions or feedback please leave a comment or send me email. I would like to develop the tutorials as useful as possible for people in all levels of knowledge in sewing. So, go and try out the Summer Skirt Tutorial and let me know how your skirts turned out!

p.s. I would love to hear what kind of tutorials you are interested in. Bags, pouches, accessories or maybe Huggables? I was thinking of making a tutorial of the Hedgehog Huggables I made a while ago. What do you think? …


  1. Heidi 26/06/2010

    Cool! I gotta try that for myself and my little girl. I’ll let u know how they turn out :)

  2. Annie 29/06/2010

    Thanks for the tutorial! I will try it out for sure. The Hedgehog Huggable tutorial would be nice, they are so cute.

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