A Moped

Onni loves mopeds. And cars. And airplanes. And tractors. Basically anything that runs on engine. Most of the time he plays with his small cars, tractors and mopeds and even though he got all excited about little dinosaurs I got for him the other day, he even makes them to drive his fire truck. It is quite funny and cute how excited he gets when he hears a plane or a moped outside. A true broooom brooom boy.

So, when I was making him this shirt, I just had to applique a moped in front. He was one happy little kid this morning going to kindergarten with his moped shirt. “Look mommy, a mooooped. Broooom broooom. A moooped!” :D


  1. Emmi 02/07/2010

    Hauskasti sopii pallot ja raidat yhteen :)

  2. piia 03/07/2010

    Juu minä tykkään raidoista ja palloista ja jos niitä on vielä molempia, niin sitäkin parempi ;)

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