Birthday set

A little friend of ours turned four years this week, so I made him a birthday set of t-shirt and jeans. The shirt is made of dotted and stripy jerseys and has a letter K appliqued in front. (After his name) The jeans are recycled material with green rib in the waist and a car applique in front. Back pockets are a must, naturally, and the legs are turned showing green cotton lining underneath. They can be worn long as well by removing the bands attached to the buttons at sides. This set is nice and relaxed for a little boy and perfect for some  football or other games outside. Happy Birthday little mr K. :)


  1. Niinu 05/07/2010

    Nää on niin söpöt!!!!
    Kivat värit ja mallit:)

  2. Harpa Bóel 05/07/2010

    Þúsund þakkir Piia, þú ert snillingur! Konráð Ingi var í outfittinu í afmælisveislunni í Heiðmörk og vakti þvílíka aðdáun fyrir flottu fötin. Enn og aftur takk fyrir drenginn :)

  3. piia 05/07/2010

    Harpa, I’m so glad you guys liked the outfit. Hope Konrad had a great birthday party! :)

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