Bugpants times two

I have been busy making underpants for Onni these last few days and I am happy to say that the potty training is going great! He has been in the kindergarten without a diaper and there has been no extra laundry all week. I am thrilled! And he looks so cute with his retrobug pants that I just had to make more of those. These two bugpants are however for two little brothers for the hot summer days. They are made of Retrobug jersey and orange ribbing and are in sizes 74cm and 92cm. The pattern is the same one I made before after some old retropants.

I can’t wait to see those little boys in their bugpants. :D


  1. Jenska 05/07/2010

    OOO! Me either <3

  2. Paapii 14/07/2010

    Hauskaa tämä sinun uusi kangas!

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