Trousers trousers

I have been making bunch of trousers lately. Onni has grown so much last Summer that all his jeans are too short for him. He likes to wear loose jeans with ribbing on the waist and on ankles because they are so comfortable and he can take them off himself when he goes to the bathroom. His kindergarten teachers are also liking the jeans because they are so easy and comfortable but still cute and colourful.

I found a piece of recycled corduroy in the flee market and it was just enough to make small trousers. The colour is nice and deep blue and the fabric is like new. I love this kind of finds. I ended up making giraffe trousers with stylish back pockets and yellow ribbing on the waist and on ankles. Giraffe is made of retro pillow cover that I found in a flee market while ago. Nice and spotty for a giraffe ;)

The trousers are size 80cm and will be available in the Retrobug Shop. I am also adding bunch of pouches there soon, so go and have a peak!

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