Where have all the teddy bears gone?

It has been a quiet week here at the blog while I have been busy making Christmas presents. Unfortunately they have to stay secret for few months more, so no blogging about them quite yet. ;)

My son’s kindergarten is celebrating the International Teddy Bear Day tomorrow and all kids can bring their own Teddy Bears to kindergarten. It is the birthday of president Theodore Teddy Roosevelt from which the teddy bear got its name originally and therefore the international teddy bear day is celebrated all over the world. Cute idea,  I think. So, I was thinking about this yesterday and was going through Onni’s toys and believe it or not but there is no Teddy bears in this house. No stuffed softies resembling a bear what so ever. We have bunch of bunnies, some tigers, doggies and lot of other stuff but not a single teddy bear. Well, I had to make one. I mean, everyone needs to have one Teddy bear, right?

He turned out quite funny with a button in his belly and hearts in his eyes. A little happy fellow this one. He is still without a name, but I think we will find him a nice name when the little man comes home from kindergarten. For some weird reason I think he looks like Bob. Bob the bear. Don’t ask me why. :D

*Edit. He has been named NapaNalle ie. BellyButtonBear, because he has a button on his belly ;)

Have a huggable International Teddy Bear day tomorrow and don’t forget to hug your soft friends!

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  1. Hulda 30/10/2010

    Silly me… I sent Bragi with a rabbit to kindergarten that day… ;)
    Cool huggable teddy you made for Onni, he´s lucky to have such a creative mommy!

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