10. Christmas stocking

I have never had a Christmas stocking during the holidays. In my family it was not a custom to have them and I always wanted to make one and hang it for Christmas eve. In my opinion the knitted and stripy Christmas stockings are always the cutest. Unfortunately I am such a bad knitter that it would take me until Christmas next year to finish one sock, so I decided to improvise.

I made a stocking out of thick red cotton knit and sewed white stripes on top to give that woolen sock look. To add a bit of detail, I used a decorative stitch for the opening. I was thinking of adding initials on top but decided not to. I’m going to hang the sock and stuff it full of goodies for Christmas eve and it will be Christmas calendar for us parents this year. My mom will be spending the Christmas with us here, so I will put something there for her too. It is going to be a family Christmas stocking. :)

For those of you, who still haven’t made one for yourself, check out these tutorials for cute Christmas stockings. Wonderful ideas!

Adorable mini Christmas stockings by Little Cotton Rabbits Free Patterns

Cool Christmas stockings from used sweaters by Martha Steward. Wonderful recycling idea!

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