17. Hot drink cozies

For me Christmas tastes like chocolate and glögg, the spicy hot red drink we love up here in the north. It is especially lovely to drink hot drinks in Christmas while the weather outside is cold and breezy. Although my collection of vintage cups is nice, I still prefer to drink my glögg from a glass. And that is why I made myself these handy hot drink cozies.

The cozies are made of thick woolen knit that I found long time ago from a flee market. It has this lovely vintage pattern and it is truly nice and thick. Perfect to keep my drink warm and my fingers from burning. ;) Mmmm, lovely!

Have a delicious Friday,


  1. Niinu 18/12/2010

    Peukku pystyyn:) Täällä tykätään!

  2. piia 20/12/2010

    Kiva Niinu! Kiitos ;)

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