New arrival

Our family has grown with a little brother. He is adorable and we just spend all days getting to know this happy little boy. So, the blog is a bit quiet now, but as soon as our life settles down a bit, I will post about all the little things I have made for the new arrival. Now I gotta go and cuddle with the little cutie. Awww, I am so in love!!! ;)


  1. Hanna 31/08/2011

    Onnea :) Voi miten pieneltä hän näyttää, ihanat potkarit ja ihana lakana :)

  2. henni 31/08/2011

    Oi, Paljon onnea. Ihana nauravainen suloisuus teillä siellä!

  3. Oliver 31/08/2011

    CUUUUUUUTE! :mrgreen:


  4. Merja 01/09/2011

    Onnea onnea.

  5. AnniP 01/09/2011


  6. piia 01/09/2011

    Kiitos!!! On se ihmeellistä miten toinen voi olla niin pieni ja ihana ;)

  7. zhing 19/09/2011

    congrats!! he is adorable! and that little stretch… *melts*

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