It has been a busy last few months. My little boy is already over three months old and he is truly a funny little one. He makes his mom laugh everyday. Nowadays he has started to sleep a bit longer during the day so I have had time to sew some things again, which is great. I have definitely missed sewing! Today we went to a three year old birthday and I had made the birthday boy a soft terry shirt with Robot applique. I used brown and stripy terry for the shirt and velor and jersey bits for the applique. Onni was a bit upset that I made a robot shirt for someone else than him, so I think there will be another robot shirt in the making soon.. ;)



  1. henni 04/12/2011

    Hieno robotti-paita! Olisi varmasti meilläkin pojan mieleen!

  2. piia 06/12/2011

    Kiitos! Eikun robottia kasailemaan ;)

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