My son asked me to make him a Robot shirt, since the old one had become too small for him ages ago. I had a picture drawn for a long time, but getting it to the shirt turned out more difficult than expected ;)

So finally I got to finish another Robot shirt for him. This time short sleeve and with spotty fabric at the back, stripes in front and yellow star jersey in sleeves.

The Robot itself is a bit funny. Has green spotty eyes with buttons and is wiggling away. I think it is doing some form of Robotdance. ;) Well, it was a funny one to make. Now, I gotta whip up a Summer cap for my son. The sun is shining and on Friday they have a Summer festival in the kindergarten. :)



  1. Minna 13/06/2012

    Nää vaatteet on vaan niin hienoja! Mä haluaisin aina kaikkea mitä teet. Ai niin, mun kaveri haluaa kans pojalleen tilata jotain :)

  2. piia 14/06/2012

    :D Kiitti! Joo, tuutte käymää joku päivä ;)

  3. Niinu 28/06/2012

    Ihanat värit ja suloinen robotti(saako niin sanoa robotista;)!
    Metallinapit täydellinen lisä:)

  4. piia 30/06/2012

    Kiitos Niinu! No tottaha toki Robotkin voi olla sulosia ;) Juu, nuo metallinapit on niiiin robottimaisia, mulla on niitä laatikollinen, pitää tehdä PALJON roboja :D

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