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Chevron Chevron..


Autumn always makes me wanna pull up my calendar and get organised. My old fabric covered organiser, that I bought years ago,  had gone all worn out.  So, it was a time for a new cover.

I could have just covered the old fabric with a new and glued it on top, but I decided to make removable cover, so it is easier to change it when ever. I found this amazing black and white chevron cotton from Etsy and HAD to get some of it. And it is just perfect for this project! I just LOVE chevron these days ;)

I used a tutorial from Villapata blog as a guideline and improvised the  rest. ;)  The tutorial is unfortunately only in Finnish, but the pictures should be useful. (And google translate ;)) There are few pockets inside for cards and papers and the best thing is, I can just wash this, if it gets dirty or make a new one when ever I feel like  a change.

It turned out perfect!  Now I can just add new calendar pages and get organised!! Jee – I love Autumn ;)

Stripes stripes

This laptop sleeve is made of stripy black and white thick cotton and has red polkadot lining. On top of padding I added fleece lining to give more protection for the computer. My hubby ordered a laptop sleeve from me ages ago, but it took forever for me to find time to get it done. Finally I got it done and conveniently just in time for his birthday ;) He was happy to get a laptop sleeve of his own. And I am happy, since now I got my own sleeve back :D

Few colourful pouches

I have been making bunch of colourful pouches lately with different cute animal appliques. I think in the summertime I just want to make colourful combinations in what ever I sew and it seems my yellow and green fabrics seem to tempt me the most. Those are the summer colours for me ;)

Here are few details on some of the new pouches. They have found a home already, but I will try to get some more done for the Retrobug shop too. It is getting close to the due date here, so my schedules are a bit off. Napping seems to take priority in many occasions ;) I wonder when this little baby will decide to come to this world.. Less than four weeks to go. :)

Back in business..

Hello again and sorry about my long silence. January went by so fast and I can’t believe it’s already February. I have been fairly useless last weeks, suffering from nausea and being tired all the time. Fortunately it is all for a great cause, as we will get a new family member in the beginning of August. ;) I cannot wait and  Onni is getting quite excited too. He talks about the tiny baby in the belly though occasionally he thinks it is in his belly. :D So, exciting months ahead of us! Hopefully the morning sickness is behind me now and I can get back in business with some energy and enthusiasm.

Anyways, I finally added more pouches in the Retrobug shop. There are now two sizes available, small and large. Check them out here! I have also gotten excited about baby stuff again (surprise, surprise) and have been making few baby softies and clothing. I will blog about them later once I get to photograph them. Few of our friends have also gotten little baby girls last few weeks and I am making something cute and soft for them too. ;)

Here are few of the pouches that are available in the shop. I will photograph more and add them to the shop in next few days.

Christmas ideas

The end of the year is always such a busy time. People are making Christmas presents, decorating their houses and finishing projects for the year. I am no different. Lately I have been busy making stuff for the Reykjavik Christmas market, where I will be with piles of Retrobug stuff from 17th to 19th of December. Oh, I cannot wait. It was such a lovely time last year and it is so nice to meet people face to face instead of just online. If you are around, do come and have a peak! I will post more information about that later.

I am one of those people that wants to give handmade presents as much as possible. It is so nice to  get a present that someone has made themselves. I think it’s also possible to recycle  and use recycled materials for Christmas presents and the holiday season does not have to be all about buying and getting new  and expensive stuff. That is why this year I will have a Recycled Christmas Calendar in my blog, showing ideas 0f how all of us can use  recycled textiles or leftover bits and pieces in the Christmas preparations. There will be Christmas present ideas, decoration tips, wrapping and Christmas card ideas, tutorials and lots more. I would also love to share links to other similar ideas and tutorials, so if you have any recycled Christmas ideas to share, please send me email or leave a comment.

So, to show you some pictures as well, I made a collage of some of the pouches I’ve been making lately. All of these and lots more will be available in the Christmas market in December and some of them will also go to  the Retrobug Shop. Which ones do you like? My favourites are the owls. Especially the ones with big eyes. :)

A blanket for the tiny ones

Last few days I have been making a small small blanket for some very tiny baby.  It all started a while ago, when I came across a Finnish blog called Nupulle Peitto, that caught my attention.  Nupulle peitto blog and a collection was started by a mother of  three children, whose youngest son was born prematurely. She is challenging people to make small baby blankets, nuppupeitto, to prematurely born babies that have to stay in the hospital for some time. The blankets are delivered to the intensive care unit at the Children’s Hospital in Helsinki where they are given to the babies that stay there. A wonderful cause and I do hope they will collect as many blankets as possible.  The collection ends in last part of November, so you still have time to take part :)

The blanket is only 45cm x 45cm and has a soft fleece at the back. I appliqued little elephants and owls in the front and used yellow and brown colours to make the blanket suitable for both boys and girls. I hope my little blanket will bring joy to some family’s difficult times.

A pile of pouches

I have been really busy lately making lots and lots of pouches. I got all excited making those robot pouches  and I have been drawing and cutting all kinds of creatures for pouches. The part I like the most in making pouches with appliques is to pick up buttons or colour of the sewing thread that makes the picture perfect. So, I ended up making many owls, lot of flowers, some umbrellas, few elephants, and a pile of other creatures, that have no name yet ;) Here is the part one of the pouches.

All pouches have cotton lining and a zipper. The size in small pouches is 12cm x 14cm and in large pouches 18cm x 14cm. Few of these will find their way to the Retrobug Shop as well, so go and check them out! :)

Heads and legs and slight smirks

These little guys are all heads and legs and slight smirks. I wanted to create little appliques after children’s drawings with crooked eyes and big heads and no bodies and this is what I came up with. My son is not quite yet drawing people but more like abstract art so his drawings are more difficult to create in fabrics but it might be quite fun a task to try. I made pouches out of these little guys and they are nice size for credit cards and money or maybe for phone or ipod. All materials are recycled, of course.

It might be a cool idea for a Christmas present to transform your children’s drawings into appliques or quilts and make bags or pouches or maybe pillow cases for grandparents and other family. Got to keep that one in mind. ;)

Happy Weekend Everyone,


I have drawn bunch of robots lately. Little girly robots and robots in love. All kinds of funny robots. So, I decided to do a bit of robot experiments. Part one: robot pouches. These two are first ones with a robot theme. I have some changes in mind but something similar is on its way. The green checkered pouch has a little Robot girl with a small robot dress. The other robot however is totally in love and has hearts as eyes. The small pouch has a pink lining, the same fabric as the robot girl’s dress. The bigger pouch is lined with red cotton with white hearts. Fitting for the theme ;)

Part two of the robot experiments: Huggable Robot. It is on the making and you will see that one in few days time. There is also part three coming up for the Robot lovers later on, so stay tuned. ;)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Autumn!