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Laptop sleeves

I have been making laptop sleeves again. A small bunny laptop sleeve, with yellow lining. Cute as a bunny, definitely a lovely addition to ones work look ;)

Another laptop sleeve is made out of one of my favorite retro fabrics. It has a nice geometric pattern and it looks really cool in a bag. The lining is made of old Finnish fabric called Optic Apple. I added a small pocket on the side, where you can have a charger or other essentials with you.

Laptop sleeve a’la Circus

Here is another one of Retrobug Laptop Sleeves. This one is made of a retro curtain with cute Circus theme. Zebras, elephants and lions decorate this cutely compact laptop sleeve, which is only about 30cmx 24cm in size. Definitely a cool bag to show up at work with.  Hope the lady likes it. ;)

p.s. If you want Retrobug Laptop Sleeve for yourself, check out the Retrobug Shop HERE and choose the  fabric of your choice. Retrobug Laptop Sleeves are made in various sizes to fit your laptop nicely!  :)

Spring Giveaway! (CLOSED)

It has been interesting last few days because of the volcano here in Iceland has been sending ashy greetings to everyone in Europe and lately to Northern America too. We have been lucky here in the capital area by avoiding most of the ash cloud as it has flown away from here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the huffing and puffing volcano would calm down and we all get our friends and family home as soon as possible!

So, to brighten up the day for all of us, I think it is time for some SPRING GIVEAWAY.

And since p.s.recycled Facebook page has reached amazing amount of over 500 fans, this feels like a perfect time to give something back to you all wonderful blog visitors. And it’s all ash free, I promise! ;)

The rules are easy peasy. Anyone can take part.

* Just leave a comment here and tell me what would you like to see in the blog in future. Is it children’s clothing, Huggables, bags, pouches or other accessories etc?

* If you are p.s.recycled Facebook fan, you get an extra ticket!

* And if you want even better chance to win, add the link of the Spring Giveaway in your blog OR in your Facebook page and you will get an extra ticket. (Feel free to use the picture above)

So, it is possible to have up to THREE tickets!


And now, what can you win?

It’s a pouch and a brooch or just a pouch with a brooch. You decide!

This sunny Retrobug pouch is made of retro table cloth and the lining is from a vintage pillow cover. The brooch is the same fabric as the lining and has a pin at the back, so you can attach it where ever you want, on a jacket, hat, bag or what ever you can think of. And best of all, it can be yours.

So, leave a comment and take part in the Spring Giveaway!!


Like candy

This fabric is like candy. Yammi Yam! My friend fell for this vintage Tampella fabric as soon as she saw it and wanted a bag out of it. I made the lining out of red and white polkadot cotton, which I thought suited the theme nicely. There is inside pocket with a zipper and a small pocket for mobile phone or ipod etc. I also added a hook for the keys, so they won’t get lost inside the big bag. Delicious, isn’t it?

Mini Laptop Sleeve

This fabric was a true find in a flee market in Finland last Christmas. It is vintage Tampella curtain with big stripy flowers and the colours are wonderfully bright. It fits perfectly to this small laptop sleeve I was asked to make. It is only about 30 cm x 20cm in size and the lining is made of flowery retro sheet. I think it’s the cutest and the coolest laptop sleeve, I’ve made.

Gardening with style

My sister loves gardening. Every spring she starts planning her summer plantations with enthusiasm. Last year she was telling me how she would love to have a gardening bag for her tools and seeds to take with her in the garden. Interesting idea, I thought. So, with some help from her, I made my version of a gardening bag. It has wide pockets on the sides, where she can fit her gardening tools and the bag itself is supported with infacing to keep the bag firm. The fabric is green cotton with white flowery print from a vintage curtain. Truly a bag for a gardener with style.

Laptop sleeve a’la retro

Lately I have been making bunch of laptop sleeves. I am hoping the Santa will bring me a brand new laptop and naturally new laptop needs a new sleeve. Early? Nah..

I came up with basic sleeve with soft padding and a small handle so it’s easy to carry around. It has a lining from a retro duvet and the cover is vintage curtain from Tampella. You can also write your Name and Telephone number  inside, in case the sleeve and its precious contents get lost. Nice and practical, I think. And that fabric is so Retro!!

p.s. This one fits perfectly to 13″ laptop and is available in

Something to brighten up the day

Although I love retro prints and colours, I find myself mostly wearing black and white. I have tried several times to add some colour to my wardrobe, but it always seems to go back to basic black and white. I feel like wearing lot of colours makes me look like a clown. I think it looks really nice when other people wear colours, but somehow it just never became me. Accessories are another thing though. They can and must be bright and colourful, something to brighten up the day. After all, one needs to have some colour in life.

Here are some colourful accessories for bigger and smaller retro fans. Huggable soft toys for little retro babies and bags and cup carriers for bit bigger retro lovers.