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24. Christmas Giveaway (closed)

It is finally Christmas eve and the final day of our Christmas calendar. Today I am going to relax and enjoy the season with my family, eat some good food, hear some lovely music and watch my son to open his presents. Maybe I get few myself. ;)

I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting and expecting Christmas with me here in p.s.recycled. And since it is Christmas eve, it seems perfect to end this calendar with Christmas Giveaway!

To take part in the giveaway, all you need to do is to leave a comment to this post.

Giveaway is open to everybody.

In this Christmas Giveaway, you can win one Huggable friend! ;)

Giveaway closes 1.1.2011

Have a happy holidays,

23. Garland for the Christmas tree

In my family we traditionally decorate our Christmas tree on 23rd of December. When I was small, we went to get our own tree from my grandparent’s forest. It was always equally exciting to look for a perfect tree and it definitely made Christmas for me. I have gathered ornaments for our Christmas tree for few years now. I tend to make or buy few every year so they are all special and have a story behind them. My son also made few ornaments in the Kindergarten so we have plenty to hang on the tree this year.

We don’t normally have any garland on the tree but I wanted to try and make one myself. I gathered some green and red fabrics and made a garland out of triangle shaped pieces. They are double sided and have a ribbon sewn on top. So easy and I truly like this one. It fits perfectly to our tree. :)

Have a wonderful day and remember, Santa comes tomorrow ;)

22. Fun with appliques

This is something I have wanted to try for a long time. The only problem was that I needed a little bit of help for this, so I turned to Onni’s 4 year old cousin. He is a talented little boy who loves to draw and he was kind to draw me this beautiful picture of a house. So, with this picture in mind, I made an applique to a white recycled cotton with different colourful fabrics. I am so happy how it turned out.

This is a cool idea to use your kids drawings and art work to make presents for grandparents and relatives. I can’t wait for Onni to start drawing so I can make more stuff like this ;) What came out of this fabric, is still a secret, but you could make pillow cases, shopping bags or even applique the picture in front of a shirt. Definitely a unique present. ;)

Three nights until Christmas… So exciting! ;)

21. Fabric photo album cover

I like to make albums myself with pictures from different magazines that inspire me or give me some good ideas. Sometimes I come across a beautiful picture or cool idea, so I like to keep those pictures for later use or inspiration. So, to make my album a bit nicer, I decided to cover the album with some blue spotty fabric in which I appliqued a small crown. Cute, don’t you think? ;)

This is also a great idea for a present. Just cover a plain album with some fabric and applique a fitting picture in the front. I used double sided interfacing to attach the fabric to the cover and I merely ironed it on. You can also use sprayable glue to attach the fabric.

Only few days left until Christmas, I better get those presents ready!

Until tomorrow,

20. Party outfit for a boy

Onni had a Christmas party in the kindergarten so I had to make him something for the occasion. I think these appliqued tie shirts are so adorable and handy for little kids, so I made a shirt out of white knit and added turquoise velor tie in front. I wanted to add appliqued vest in front too but it felt like too much. Next time I’ll try that one too. The little man was a bit too excited to pose, hence the blurry pictures ;)

19. Shopping large

I like to use fabric shopping bags when ever I go shopping. This is mostly because they are so much stronger than plastic bags and I tend to have my hands full when ever I go grocery shopping. Of course I also like to avoid buying plastic bags in general.

For the Christmas time I made an extra large shopping bag, which takes a turkey, presents, groceries or what ever you need in it. The bag is made of retro curtain from Vuokko and it is strong thick cotton ie. perfect for something like this. The bag is not lined and it can be folded easily to fit into your purse. This is definitely something to make your shopping easier… And if you make your bag out of lovely  bright colours, shopping feels like much more fun ;)

18. Basket full of goodies

One of my favorite Christmas presents are fruit and sweet baskets. You can collect some sweets in a glass jar, basket or make a fabric basket and it is always a welcomed present. This time I made a round basket with folded sides out of red polkadot fabric and filled it with mandarines and some candy canes. It is good to use fairly thick and stiff fabric so the basket keeps it shape well. I used some interfacing in between the layers to support the fabric. I think I am going to keep this one myself and fill it with goodies, like mandarines, nuts and sweets. Maybe I’ll make few more for presents too… ;)

17. Hot drink cozies

For me Christmas tastes like chocolate and glögg, the spicy hot red drink we love up here in the north. It is especially lovely to drink hot drinks in Christmas while the weather outside is cold and breezy. Although my collection of vintage cups is nice, I still prefer to drink my glögg from a glass. And that is why I made myself these handy hot drink cozies.

The cozies are made of thick woolen knit that I found long time ago from a flee market. It has this lovely vintage pattern and it is truly nice and thick. Perfect to keep my drink warm and my fingers from burning. ;) Mmmm, lovely!

Have a delicious Friday,

16. Apron for a little baker

Wow, we are on 16th post in the Christmas calendar already. Christmas is getting closer and closer and we still have lots to do before holidays. So busy yet so exciting! ;)

Today I am showing you something I made for my son. Since Onni got some fabric gingerbread cookies yesterday, I naturally had to make an apron to go with them. I mean, there is no point of playing with  baking cookies if you don’t have an apron, right? Well, this little apron is made of vintage kitchen curtains and has a little gingerbread man appliqued in front. He has white buttons as eyes and woolen yarn mouth. Perfect to bake Christmas cookies. ;) I wouldn’t mind getting one for myself actually…