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Cool set of wheels

I am one of those people who love to search flee markets and second hand stores to find old, worn out treasures to fix into new bloom. I always have some project going on, if not two. One of my favourites has definitely been fixing up the bed for Onni few months ago. Funny enough, after I had fixed it up, a friend of ours told us that his grandfather had actually bought the bed in Denmark sometime in 1940s. Amazing story. Just what I love about old things; they have history and hundreds of stories to tell.

I was so inspired to find this online: Hopittihop is a company that does amazing job by fixing up old pushchairs for kids. Such a cool choice of wheels! So, imagine how happy I was when I bumped into an old pushchair in a flee market. I can’t wait to swap the fabric and do some polishing and fixing up. It is going to be such a cool set of wheels for Onni. :)

The bed

A persistant flu has reduced my sewing hours to minimum lately but I have been busy otherwise. My son turns two years old next week and it was about time to get him a new bed. I was lucky to find this old children’s bed from the flee market last week. It was made sometime in the mid last century and needed a lot of fixing. Now after lot of sanding and painting, it is finally ready. I made a duvet cover and a pillowcase from bright yellow retro fabrics to add some colour.  Then few Huggables as bed buddies and the bed is ready for sweet dreams.