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Pippi is back!

Pippi Longstocking is back again!

This time in a dress, which I made for my friend‘s three year old daughter.

I used the fabric in the front and yellow flowery vintage cotton at the back and sleeves. The dress is wide and with elastic on the neckline, so it will fit her quite a long time, first as a dress and then as a tunic. The sleeves are wide and not full length with elastic on the wrists.

Cute cute for a little Pippi! Happy Birthday little Viena!


Black and white

Here is another set for a tiny baby girl. This one is definitely one of my favorites, as black and white are very much my colours ;) I have even started making more black and white clothes for my boys. With some colour splashes, of course.

The set is made of soft black and white terry. I added yellow ribbing for some colour. The black and white dress is soft and really comfy to wear. I also made a hat to go with the dress, as the little ones need to have something on their heads, especially here up north. Nice combo, don’t you think? ;)

Hearts for Martta

My friend had a beautiful baby girl few months ago and I got to meet the little cutie pie few weeks ago. She was just as adorable as I imagined! ♥

I made her a small outfit in soft velor. Yellow velor dress with white hearts was spiced up with turqoise ribbing. I also made a small pointy hat with the same combination and I think the outfit turned out really cute!

These small soft dresses are perfect baby presents and I love making them in different colour combinations. The little ones look so adorable in them! ;)

Stripes and dots

I am a sucker for stripes and dots. I have piles of stripy and dotted fabrics and now I have decided to make stuff out of them before getting new fabrics. ;) Easier said than done.

This one birthday present helped me slightly. I made stripy tunic dress for one year old girl out of stretchy terry and matching dotted leggins. Red and white and green is such a summery combination. Reminds me of strawberries and ice cream and green grass. So glad the Summer is almost here!


Bunny costume

Here is another costume I made last week. This was made to my friend’s daughter who wanted to be a bunny in her kindergarten costume party. We were thinking of an outfit that could be used after the costume party as well. So, I suggested on a dress that would have bunny ears on the hood and a little bunny tail at the back, that could be removed after the party. The dress is made of white velor and has pink velor lining in the hood and in ears. Pink ribbing adds a bit of colour to the dress.

This cute little bunny girl was a bit shy for the camera, but cute as a bunny nevertheless. ;)

Thank you Minna for the picture!

Now that the party is over, and the tail and ears are taken off, it might be fun to applique a colourful picture on the front. Maybe keep up the bunny theme with nice bunny applique. We shall see about that ;)

Red bunny dress

Here’s a little red dress for a little one year old girl. The dress is made of red velor and has bunny applique in front. Long sleeves are handy for chilly Spring or Summer days and the cut is nice and wide so it is also comfortable to wear.

I am busy packing and sewing and getting everything ready for few weeks of holiday. I am going to Finland with Onni while I still can fly with this belly passenger of mine. ;) I do hope it will be sunny and warm. So, it will most likely be quiet here in the blog, but I hope you all are enjoying the Summer where ever you are. :) See you in few weeks.

Pretty in pink

I found a small piece of this adorable pink vintage fabric and I just had to make a little wrap up dress out of it. Isn’t this just perfect for a little baby princess? The dress is size 68cm and is closed in front with press buttons. The top has pink lining. I must say I love it even though I am not a big fan of pink. If only I had a little princess to wear something like this ;)

You can find this pink dress in Retrobug Shop.

Bunny dress

What a week it has been. Onni got chickenpox a bit over a week ago and I have been stuck inside with him ever since. An energetic three year old stuck inside for over a week is not a good combination, trust me. Fortunately he is all well now and got to go outside to play and spend some of that energy of his ;)

So, I finally got to spend some time at my sewing machine. ( I started having some withdrawals already ;) This bunny dress is for a little four year old girl. I do hope she likes the end result. I was going to put brown ribbing on the collar but it felt too dark a combination so I ended up using bright apple green ribbing instead. The green velor has this olive tone so it was nice to brighten it up a bit with lighter tone. There are yellow press buttons on the shoulder and a singing bunny appliqued in front. Those bunnies are always so cute, no matter how many dresses I make with them ;)

p.s. Sorry about the odd colours in the photo. I am hoping the sun would show up again after the loooong Winter, so I can take good pictures again ;)