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Fabric – pick of the week

I’ve gotten questions about the fabrics I have so I decided to show you few examples of them weekly. I have a big pile of fabrics that I don’t want to cut in pieces. They are either such a lovely curtains or fabrics on their own that I don’t want to ruin the pattern or they have some sentimental value to me. This first fabric pick of the week is one of those with sentimental value as I had similar duvet cover in yellow when I was small. This green fabric is one of those that I don’t know what to make with. I know it would make adorable jacket for Onni but I just can’t get myself to cut it down. Well, I will just admire it for few more years..

Just look at those animals and those cars. So cute! ;)

Autumn mushrooms

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. (Probably because my birthday is in Autumn) I have always liked the time of the year when nights get darker and you can see stars again. I love staring the night sky after so many bright Summer nights and count the constellations up in the sky.

Another sign of Autumn is mushrooms. I think it is wonderful to walk in the forest in Autumn and smell the rain and look for mushrooms. I don’t dare to pick up mushrooms however, because I am not sure which ones are eatable. And I tend to like the poisonous mushrooms, like toadstools the most. So, I just like looking at them and leave them to the forest ;)

So, you  can believe that I was happy to receive this in the post today. My dear friend from Norway sent me this fabric she found from her grandmas home. So lovely. So Autumny.

The Bunny fabric

I went to a flee market yesterday and I found a whole duvet cover made of my favorite bunny fabric. The best of all, this is a totally new colour combination for me, orange and blue! I have never seen this fabric in these colours. I was so happily surprised. It is really difficult to find these bunny fabrics these days and I have never seen them here in Iceland. I have tried researching the manufacturer of these fabrics but so far I have not  been very successful. Does anyone have an idea which company was making these fabrics? I wonder how many cool colour combinations they had.. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Retrobug fabric

The holiday is over and we are back at home. Oh my it was lovely to spend some time off and enjoy the sun and even the rain. But it sure is great to be back at home as well. And even more lovely it was to find an exciting parcel waiting for me at home.

I ordered some fabrics a while ago with my Retrobug logos in them and they had finally arrived! I am so excited. I ordered some organic cotton knit as well as thin cotton lawn. I am going to start experimenting with them right away. I think I’ll make some kid’s shirts from the cotton knit and a some dresses from the cotton to start with. I just can’t wait to see how they turn out to be!

p.s. There will be a Summer Skirt Tutorial coming up in next few days, as soon as I get it finished. ;) So stay tuned!

New gorgeous fabrics available

I got a new pile of amazing retro fabrics here few days ago. I just love all these colourful fabrics and prints. I can see them as dresses, jackets, overalls or maybe trousers. Or maybe bags or pouches. I have added them in the Retrobug Shop fabrics available section, so go and have a look!

The Retrobug Shop has gone through a big change last few weeks. Lot of new products are now available there and more stuff is coming up every day. It is now easier to order customised products, as I have linked all available fabrics to the products. So, if you are interested in dresses, you can see different types of dresses in Dresses section and choose a fabric of your choice from the link next to it. Easy peasy!


I have added a link at the top of the page where you can find selection of fabrics that are available for custom made orders. This first selection is of children’s fabrics mostly. I will add more pictures in the next few days. Meanwhile, have a look at these, what could be made of these? Dresses? Overalls? Or maybe jackets or hats?

Edit: There are now more photos of the fabrics available. Have a peak!

New retro treasures

The holidays are over and we have arrived back home. I spent my holiday going to flee markets and looking for cool retro fabrics and other materials. I found lots of amazing fabrics that are just inviting to turn them into lovely clothing, bags or accessories. I haven’t been able to start doing anything yet, as my luggage got lost on our flight back home. It took days until we heard anything about it and I got terribly worried that my beautiful fabrics got lost for good. Finally yesterday I got the luggage back. Before I start making anything out of them, I have to share few of those gorgeous prints with you. Very brown and yellow, my taste these days. ;)

p.s. I am so happy I found that favorite bunny fabric of mine in brown. I already have million of ideas what to do with that.. What do you think?

Giving used textiles a new life

Recycling, re-design, retro, creativity, fun, details, colours, prints, surprises..
I love all of them.
So, when I make stuff, I recycle textiles, re-design them into something fun and cute, with surprising details, still keeping their original retro prints and colours, just adding bit of creativity.

What comes out, are mostly children’s clothing and accessories, sometimes also soft toy-huggables, cupcarriers, bags and all kinds of purses.

Here, I want to share the results to others equally retro enthusiastic people.
Hope you like what you see, and feel free to drop by again.

Some of my favourite retro fabrics.

Some of my favourite retro fabrics.