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Winner of the Christmas Giveaway

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time goes. It is already a new year and we are heading fast towards the spring. Last year went by so fast and kept me busy all year long. It has been great to share ideas and handicrafts with you all here in my blog. I want to thank you all for your comments and visits here in p.s.recycled. It would not be the  same without you dropping by. This year we will continue with new ideas and tricks. I cannot wait! ;)

So, now it is time to draw the winner of the Christmas Giveaway. This time the lucky winner is:

Katariina who said:

Toivottavasti uusi vuosi 2011 poikii lisää näitä ihania halittavia ja makeita ompeluksia!!


I wish this year will bring many happy, creative, surprising, wonderful moments to you all and bring you closer to your dreams.

Happy New Year everyone!

Huggables for the Giveaway

Christmas came and went and I am happy to get back to normal life rhythm ;) I want to thank everybody for your nicecomments and feedback. I am so happy that my blog has given you inspiration and joy. I have definitely enjoyed sharing my ideas and sewings with you all. Naturally it would not be the same without you all visiting me and leaving comments, so thank you once again.

Here’s a little peak to my Huggables. Remember to take part in the Christmas Giveaway in the previous post and you can win one of these soft friends.


Have a great week everyone!

24. Christmas Giveaway (closed)

It is finally Christmas eve and the final day of our Christmas calendar. Today I am going to relax and enjoy the season with my family, eat some good food, hear some lovely music and watch my son to open his presents. Maybe I get few myself. ;)

I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting and expecting Christmas with me here in p.s.recycled. And since it is Christmas eve, it seems perfect to end this calendar with Christmas Giveaway!

To take part in the giveaway, all you need to do is to leave a comment to this post.

Giveaway is open to everybody.

In this Christmas Giveaway, you can win one Huggable friend! ;)

Giveaway closes 1.1.2011

Have a happy holidays,

The Winner of the Spring Giveaway

It is time to close the Spring Giveaway. Thank you all for entering the Giveaway!  I have read all your comments and suggestions with joy and will definitely follow up some ideas  you came up with. So, thank you, thank you! We must do this again soon ;)

So, time to announce the winner. I used the Random Number Generator and counted that there were all and all 63 tickets to be drawn. So, the generator did its random job and the winner is…


And since this is so much fun, I decided to draw TWO more numbers and give them each one Brooch from the Retrobug Shop.

And the Brooches go to:   ELINA and ANAMA


Spring Giveaway! (CLOSED)

It has been interesting last few days because of the volcano here in Iceland has been sending ashy greetings to everyone in Europe and lately to Northern America too. We have been lucky here in the capital area by avoiding most of the ash cloud as it has flown away from here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the huffing and puffing volcano would calm down and we all get our friends and family home as soon as possible!

So, to brighten up the day for all of us, I think it is time for some SPRING GIVEAWAY.

And since p.s.recycled Facebook page has reached amazing amount of over 500 fans, this feels like a perfect time to give something back to you all wonderful blog visitors. And it’s all ash free, I promise! ;)

The rules are easy peasy. Anyone can take part.

* Just leave a comment here and tell me what would you like to see in the blog in future. Is it children’s clothing, Huggables, bags, pouches or other accessories etc?

* If you are p.s.recycled Facebook fan, you get an extra ticket!

* And if you want even better chance to win, add the link of the Spring Giveaway in your blog OR in your Facebook page and you will get an extra ticket. (Feel free to use the picture above)

So, it is possible to have up to THREE tickets!


And now, what can you win?

It’s a pouch and a brooch or just a pouch with a brooch. You decide!

This sunny Retrobug pouch is made of retro table cloth and the lining is from a vintage pillow cover. The brooch is the same fabric as the lining and has a pin at the back, so you can attach it where ever you want, on a jacket, hat, bag or what ever you can think of. And best of all, it can be yours.

So, leave a comment and take part in the Spring Giveaway!!


And the hat goes to…

So, it is time to draw the winners of the hat giveaway! Thank you all for taking part and leaving a comment, I really like reading all of them.  My son picked up the winners and here they are. (Though he wanted to pick more than two ;) )

The Bunny hat goes to…

The Hedgehog hat goes to…


And enjoyable December to all of you.


Look who is hiding in the hat…well isn’t it a cute little bunny lady and a small hedgehog? These two friends decided to make home to two hats that I made today. They are both made of orange velor and the lining in the bunny hat is orange knit and brown jersey in the hedgehog hat.

I was originally making them for my son, but he has grown so much since last winter, that they became a bit tight. I think they are perfect size for a one year old. Oops! I can’t seem to remember that my little baby boy is almost two years old already ;)

Well, that just gives me the opportunity to give these cute hats to someone else. And since I am also very curious to find out who are the people visiting my blog, I decided to do a small GIVEAWAY! So, just leave a comment to this post and tell which one of the hats you like the best. I will give both of the hats away, so two of you will win!  The winner will be announced 1.12.2009 – Good luck!