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Black and white

Here is another set for a tiny baby girl. This one is definitely one of my favorites, as black and white are very much my colours ;) I have even started making more black and white clothes for my boys. With some colour splashes, of course.

The set is made of soft black and white terry. I added yellow ribbing for some colour. The black and white dress is soft and really comfy to wear. I also made a hat to go with the dress, as the little ones need to have something on their heads, especially here up north. Nice combo, don’t you think? ;)

Hearts for Martta

My friend had a beautiful baby girl few months ago and I got to meet the little cutie pie few weeks ago. She was just as adorable as I imagined! ♥

I made her a small outfit in soft velor. Yellow velor dress with white hearts was spiced up with turqoise ribbing. I also made a small pointy hat with the same combination and I think the outfit turned out really cute!

These small soft dresses are perfect baby presents and I love making them in different colour combinations. The little ones look so adorable in them! ;)

Another star baby

I got in the mood of making stars after those velor trousers and rattle so I made a winter hat for my little cutie pie. It has been such a cold winter weather here in Iceland so far that I needed to make something good and warm to cover those little ears. The hat is made of brown velor and has turquoise star appliqued in the front. The lining is turquoise polarfleece so the hat is definitely warm. I added straps to the hat so it will definitely stay on the ears and cheeks. Elmeri has brown and turquoise winter overall so the hat will fit nicely to that. Cute cute and very warm!





Tiny Teddy hat

I am finally adding something here in the forgotten blog. It has been so busy with the little baby that I haven’t gotten much time to sew. However, the winter is coming and I wanted to make the little boy warm but cute hat. (A hat is fast enough to sew when he is napping ;) ) The hat is brown velor and has jersey lining for the warmth. I sewed little teddy ears to the seams and I think it turned out cute cute cute. Well, the little guy inside the hat is so cute that anything looks cute on him. ;)


Bunch of bunnies

So, here comes my first pile of spring hats. A bunch of different bunnies jumped to these ones made of jersey, velor and terry. The lining is white jersey. All of them are size 2-4 yrs and they will go to Retrobug Shop. :) I think the stripy terry hat is my favorite. So cute and springy. Perfect for the sunshine outside. ;) Now I gotta tackle those Robots, I promised to Onni. What else would look cute on a hat? Any ideas? :)

Spring hats on the way..

Spring is on its way. I can feel it. It is so nice to wake up in the morning when it is light outside. I just can’t wait for the summer! It is also time to start making some spring clothing and especially hats. I made this Robot hat to a little girl whose daddy sells robots. :) When Onni saw the hat he instantly wanted one for himself too. So, I guess I have to become a Robot factory myself ;)

I have however bunch of bunny hats on the making. I just need to add final touches before showing them to you. So more of them tomorrow.. Have a lovely spring day everyone!

Autumn jackets

Here are few jackets that are on their ways to new homes. Yellow jacket is made of retro curtain and has brown lining and zipper. The red jacket is made of  this favourite bunny fabric of mine and has a red lining and white zipper. Red hat with bunny applique finishes the look. :) Hope the little ones will like their new jackets.

Bugs bugs

This Retrobug set is for a two year old little boy for his birthday. The trousers are made of orange velor and brown ribbing. This orange velor is a really nice colour. It is a bit toned down orange and fits really nice to the retrobug fabric. I made only one pocket out of retrobug jersey because two felt like a bit too much.

I also made a retrobug hat for him with white jersey lining to finish the look. Hope he likes his bugs! ;)

Retrobug hat

I like this kind of simple jersey hats. It is really easy to make and it fits nicely to kids who don’t need tie-on straps anymore. This one is made of retrobug jersey and has brown jersey lining. It is good for chilly Autumn weather and is comfortable to wear. I wouldn’t mind having one like this myself. :)