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Monkey boy and owl baby

This little baby owl’s favorite colour is pink. She likes anything pink. Cotton candy, flowers, pink little babies ;) She also likes green, which happens to be a colour of a good friend of hers, the stripy monkey boy. The monkey boy has ears full of hearts and he likes to listen happy children’s stories and songs, which makes him lovely company to be with. He especially likes the little baby owl and wants to sit next to her where ever they are. Baby bed or sofa or even at the car. They are together and best friends ever. And they are looking forward of getting to know one special little baby boy..

Hug me Dinosaur

This colourful dinosaur is not a very scary one but more of a huggable friend. It is made of colourful vintage cotton in bright orange and purple. There are orange spikes on his back but he only uses them to tickle his hugbuddies. ;)  This HuggaSaur will go to a good home and will hopefully get a little baby  friend to play with later this year.

Baby Owl

This little big eyed owl baby is for a tiny girl who was born at Christmas. We get to meet her for the first time today and I wanted to make something soft and cute for her. The owl is made of red and pink soft corduroy and has pink cotton legs and wings as well as a peak. A little girl owl must have some lashes, so I embroidered few curly lashes for her as well. I think she turned out quite adorable. Hope the little girl will like it too ;)

Winner of the Christmas Giveaway

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time goes. It is already a new year and we are heading fast towards the spring. Last year went by so fast and kept me busy all year long. It has been great to share ideas and handicrafts with you all here in my blog. I want to thank you all for your comments and visits here in p.s.recycled. It would not be the  same without you dropping by. This year we will continue with new ideas and tricks. I cannot wait! ;)

So, now it is time to draw the winner of the Christmas Giveaway. This time the lucky winner is:

Katariina who said:

Toivottavasti uusi vuosi 2011 poikii lisää näitä ihania halittavia ja makeita ompeluksia!!


I wish this year will bring many happy, creative, surprising, wonderful moments to you all and bring you closer to your dreams.

Happy New Year everyone!

Huggables for the Giveaway

Christmas came and went and I am happy to get back to normal life rhythm ;) I want to thank everybody for your nicecomments and feedback. I am so happy that my blog has given you inspiration and joy. I have definitely enjoyed sharing my ideas and sewings with you all. Naturally it would not be the same without you all visiting me and leaving comments, so thank you once again.

Here’s a little peak to my Huggables. Remember to take part in the Christmas Giveaway in the previous post and you can win one of these soft friends.


Have a great week everyone!

Perfect cuddle buddy

After making a bunch of pouches with these little smirking characters, I wanted to try and make a Huggable with the same idea. I just love these guys with no bodies, just heads and legs and big eyes. They are somehow so adorable. This one got stripy legs and arms and a slight smirk. He is perfect cuddle buddy or a pillow for that matter. I think he might be just the right company for a long drive in the car. Someone to play and take a nap with, as he is just the right size for a little head to rest. I think I have to make another one. Maybe a dozen ;)

Where have all the teddy bears gone?

It has been a quiet week here at the blog while I have been busy making Christmas presents. Unfortunately they have to stay secret for few months more, so no blogging about them quite yet. ;)

My son’s kindergarten is celebrating the International Teddy Bear Day tomorrow and all kids can bring their own Teddy Bears to kindergarten. It is the birthday of president Theodore Teddy Roosevelt from which the teddy bear got its name originally and therefore the international teddy bear day is celebrated all over the world. Cute idea,  I think. So, I was thinking about this yesterday and was going through Onni’s toys and believe it or not but there is no Teddy bears in this house. No stuffed softies resembling a bear what so ever. We have bunch of bunnies, some tigers, doggies and lot of other stuff but not a single teddy bear. Well, I had to make one. I mean, everyone needs to have one Teddy bear, right?

He turned out quite funny with a button in his belly and hearts in his eyes. A little happy fellow this one. He is still without a name, but I think we will find him a nice name when the little man comes home from kindergarten. For some weird reason I think he looks like Bob. Bob the bear. Don’t ask me why. :D

*Edit. He has been named NapaNalle ie. BellyButtonBear, because he has a button on his belly ;)

Have a huggable International Teddy Bear day tomorrow and don’t forget to hug your soft friends!

Giraffe who wants to be a zebra

This outfit is for my cousin’s new baby boy, who was just born few weeks ago. He has long dark hair and is the cutest little thing. Unfortunately I have to wait until January to see the little one myself so I wanted to send something cute and soft for him. The outfit is made of yellow velor and has brown ribbing. I added a stripy giraffe applique in front with button eyes. This funny giraffe wants to be a zebra, so he  has become all stripy. ;)

I also made a soft giraffe Huggable for the little man. The giraffe has swallowed a bell and his belly makes funny rattle noises. There are no buttons or loose parts in the huggable, so it is safe for a little baby to play with.

Welcome to the family, little one!

Remember these?

I was looking through some baskets of fabrics in a flee market when I came across this fellow. I remember having one very similar when I was a baby and finding one now was truly a happy occasion. My mom sewed few dolls like this for me and my sister, but I have not seen this kind of printed dolls for a long time.  I wonder if they still exist? The doll’s back and front are printed on fabric. You just sew them together and stuff the doll and he or she is ready. Lovely and oh so retro! Did you have a friend like this when you were a kid?