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Autumn jackets

Here are few jackets that are on their ways to new homes. Yellow jacket is made of retro curtain and has brown lining and zipper. The red jacket is made of  this favourite bunny fabric of mine and has a red lining and white zipper. Red hat with bunny applique finishes the look. :) Hope the little ones will like their new jackets.

Little animals jacket

I saw this fabric and could not resist, I just had to buy a piece of it. I try to use as much recycled materials as possible, but sometimes I come across something too cute to resist.  This is one of those. ;) I did not know what to make out of this fabric but those little crocodiles and lions were so adorable that I ended up making a jacket out of it. Unfortunately I had bought a tad bit too small a piece of fabric, so I needed to do some fiddling but with a piece of green cotton it was just enough. I also lined the jacket with green recycled cotton and added green ribbing in the hood.

This one is a bit off season right now, but I am hoping it will still fit Onni next Spring. Crossing my fingers! And now it is time for me to get back to Autumn clothes. It is starting to be quite chilly in the mornings and I think the little man has grown a lot this Summer. I think I need some warm clothes myself. Few days of chilly weather and I can already feel it in my throat. Maybe I should focus on making scarves for the whole family. :D

Dress up warm everyone,

Pretty in pink

This pink Tampella fabric is an old find that I rediscovered from the depths of my fabric stocks. It is so sweet pink that I never knew what to make out of it. Well, now I did. A little girl saw it and wanted a pink pink jacket out of it. This is how it turned out.

The jacket has a white lining with bit of padding so it is warm enough for cold Autumn days. The sleeves are long so they can be folded to correct length. The large buttons in the front are covered with the same fabric to finalize the look. Pretty in pink, indeed. ;)

More and more bunnies…

I’ve been making something a bit more autumny lately. There’s some brown bunnies and red bunnies and they all go nicely together. :) The brown bunny jacket is spiced up with yellow details to add some colour. The brown hat with yellow lining suits the jacket nicely. The red bunny jacket also got a red hat to pair up with. Sleeves are long and folded so the jackets will fit the kids longer. Both jackets have cute pointy hoods and are size 92/98cm. They are all for two little twin girls, just like the bunny velor sets before. There will be plenty of bunnies in their family for this Autumn. Hope you enjoy your bunnies, girls! :)

Bunny Jacket in action

I made a bunny jacket for my son a long time ago but now it was finally warm enough to wear it outside. Jubii, the Spring is truly here! Onni loves this bunny fabric but he was slightly confused since he has a duvet cover out of the same fabric. Poor thing thought his mom is dressing him up in a duvet.

He had grown a lot since I made the jacket. Good thing about this pattern is, that you can wear it for a long time. It is a nice A shape pattern with long sleeves that can be rolled up in the beginning and has plenty of room to grow into. Perfect for fast growing toddlers. He looked just like a little elf in his pointy hat and his bunny jacket. Cute cute!!

Crochet project no. 2

Here is the second crochet project of mine. This time I made a jacket with green thick wool and acryl mix yarn and size 9 hook. Wonderfully quick and easy with such a big hook. I was making a hood for this one, but I ran out of yarn a bit too soon. So, I made a wide collar instead and I think it is quite cute like that. I might though get a bit more of the yarn and finish the hood. I lined the jacket with white jersey and appliqued a bunny in the front. The jacket is just about the right size for my son at the moment. I am hoping it is not too small by the time it is warm enough to wear it. If so, I guess it is time for crochet project number 3. ;)

Bunnies in action

The bunnies were put in action today when the little cutie pie got her new outfit. She was adorable in it and it fitted like a glove. Here’s the happy little girl in action with her bunnies. Awww, isn’t she cute?

I just had to make another matching outfit for my little son. The bunnies were just too cute to resist. This time I used yellow terry for the hoodie with brown jersey inside. In stead of zipper, there are press buttons in the front. The trousers are velor and the bunnies are from the same old duvet cover. I love this colour combination. Love it!

Bunny at the back

I knew it. As soon as I got started with the bunnies, I couldn’t stop. So, the bunny in the trousers got some company. A basic hoodie with a zipper has a bunny friend at the back. The hoodie is made of velor, just like the trousers and is lined with cotton inside the hood. The bunny is cut of from an old duvet cover and appliqued at the back. I can’t wait to see the little girl wearing her new outfit.

Juggling with clowns

Last few days I have been juggling with bunch of clowns. I have been making a jacket for a little Circus loving man out of vintage clown fabric. I had just enough fabric to cut out the patterns and not an inch more. Had to make few tricks to make it work, but at the end I like what came out. I added few details to give nice unique touch to it. Hope the little fellow enjoys his clowns.

CLowNs RetroBug Jacket, size 74/80 cm.

Fabric is recycled cotton from children’s duvet cover and lining is a bambu knit. Buttons and zipper are all reused from old garments.