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Bee costume

My son had a costume party in kindergarten last week. He had a clear vision of being a bee with a stinger on his bum.

So, I made a costume for him with wings and a stinger pointing out on the backside.  The outfit is just a vest with a hood with wide ribbing on the hem. I used yellow and black stretch terry for this and it is lovely and soft to wear. Wings are made out of small piece of tulle, just sewn with zigzag to keep them in right shape.

And off he went, buzzzzzzing…


Spring cleaning!

I have not been blogging much lately. Naturally I have been busy busy with my little boy, who keeps me occupied all  day long but the blog also hasn’t been calling for me the way it used to. So, I decided it was time for some facelift, Spring cleaning, New Look!

So, here’s something bit more simple and clean. I like it. I already feel like hanging around here more.

Here’s the little Mommy’s boy on his new play mat. He needed a small play mat for the living room as we often sit on the floor and play with his toys there. (I know! He can sit by himself already. Where does this time go?? ;) ) I used black and white and yellow fabrics to make a nice colour combination, which also fits nicely to our living room. The other side of the mat is totally yellow.

It turned out really nice. The only problem is, that he is not staying on the mat that much anymore, as he is effectively learning to crawl these days.. :D

New arrival

Our family has grown with a little brother. He is adorable and we just spend all days getting to know this happy little boy. So, the blog is a bit quiet now, but as soon as our life settles down a bit, I will post about all the little things I have made for the new arrival. Now I gotta go and cuddle with the little cutie. Awww, I am so in love!!! ;)

Huggables, Summer Market & retro wheels

I have been busy busy with preparations for the Summer Market in Lappeenranta. So busy that blogging has been a bit slow, sorry about that. But now I have a huge pile of Retrobug trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses, not to mention Huggables and all kind of accessories and I am looking forward to the weekend. Look at these wheels where Huggables are driving to the Market. How retro are they! These ones and many more you can also find at the Lappeenranta Summer Market this weekend.

See you there,

Thank you!

I got this award from Made by Ka and Siksaksis blogs, which are both really inspiring blogs with full of beautiful handicrafts, thank you so much! And thank you to all of the visitors in my blog, it is truly a pleasure to read all your comments, so please leave a note when you drop by.

I am supposed to forward this award to seven Beautiful and enjoyable blogs, which is definitely a hard job, since there are so many interesting and cool blogs out there. I would love to forward this to everyone of them. However, since lot of my favorites already got this award, I will mention a few that I regularly visit. Definitely worth visiting, so go and check them out! :)




Skrekk og gru

Christmas mood at the Christmas Market

This past weekend I spent in a Christmas Market in the centre of Reykjavik. It was a beautiful with nicely decorated little shops and a big Christmas tree and wonderful Christmas music everywhere. You just could not avoid getting into Christmas mood. I met lots of new people and bunch of p.s.recycled cloths, pouches, brooches and Huggables found a new home. I shared a small shop with my friend Fanndís from Fanndís Design. She has amazing blown glass necklaces, rings, vases and decorations in her shop. I found some Christmas presents myself  ;) I only wish I could spend more time in markets like this. Definitely a wonderful weekend.

p.s. The is now on Christmas Break until 6.1.2010. More retro stuff coming up next year.

Christmas break

It has been hazy last few days, since I have been ill in bed most of the time. So, the sewing has been on a break lately. Now I am feeling a bit better and hope to be able to start making some sewings again. Like I told you before, I am going to attend a Christmas Market this weekend. It is going to be in centre of Reykjavik, in the shopping street Laugavegur. I will be there on Saturday 12.12 and Sunday 13.12. I hope to have bunch of pouches and huggables with me there as well as some laptop sleeves and cup carriers. I have to see how much I manage to sew before that. But if you are in Reykjavik this weekend, do stop by to have a look and say hello!

There will also be a Christmas break in You can place orders until end of this week, that is until Sunday 13.12. After that, the shop will be closed until 6.1.2010. So, go and check out the shop for some Christmas presents! open!

I have now opened a p.s.recycled SHOP, where all the available p.s.recycled products are for sale.

There will be more stuff added there in next few days, so do check it out!