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Shorts overalls

Here’s another Summer outfit I made for my little boy. He is crawling a lot so I like to dress him in overalls, because they stay on so well ;)

These overalls are made of thin cotton that used to be jeans dress. I reused the straps and just added right sized buttons to fit them. They are adjustable so the outfit should fit a bit longer. Might be cute also in Wintertime with tights and longsleeve.  I also added a pocket in the front as there was some fabric left.  Stripy ribbing gives nice touch to the look. ;)

Baby overalls

My friend got a little baby boy few weeks ago and she asked me to sew him something cute out of old vest she had. It was bright blue vest with big pockets and made of strong cotton so I decided to make baby overalls out of it. I used one of the pockets at the back and added a zipper in front. My friend chose a green thin cotton with clovers for the lining which gives nice colour to the whole. It turned out really cute and is made totally out of recycled fabrics ;)

Stripy baby

I have been organising baby clothes lately as I realised that the baby could actually come any day now. Although I am sure this little one keeps us waiting just like his big brother did ;) Nevertheless, it is good to be prepared and therefore I made this little stripy outfit in newborn size. It is made of stripy terry and has hemp knit lining inside. I thought it would be good outfit to bring the newborn baby home from the hospital. Just can’t wait to see the little one in his stripy suit!!

Giraffe who wants to be a zebra

This outfit is for my cousin’s new baby boy, who was just born few weeks ago. He has long dark hair and is the cutest little thing. Unfortunately I have to wait until January to see the little one myself so I wanted to send something cute and soft for him. The outfit is made of yellow velor and has brown ribbing. I added a stripy giraffe applique in front with button eyes. This funny giraffe wants to be a zebra, so he  has become all stripy. ;)

I also made a soft giraffe Huggable for the little man. The giraffe has swallowed a bell and his belly makes funny rattle noises. There are no buttons or loose parts in the huggable, so it is safe for a little baby to play with.

Welcome to the family, little one!

Yellow Baby

When I found this small piece of bright yellow velor, I knew I had to make a baby outfit of it. The fabric is so nice and soft and such a beautiful shade of yellow. I was wondering whether to applique something cute in the front, but I wanted to keep this one simple and just added three buttons and brown ribs for colour. It seems I’m stuck with yellow, brown and white, no matter what I make… ;)

Retrobug overalls

I have been developing a bit more contemporary fit of retro overalls with wide hems.  My little boy has been my model trying out several test versions. This is the final version and I am quite pleased with it. So is my son, as he really dislikes to dress and undress.

The overalls have a simple yet very retro fit with wide hems.  I added elastics in the hems so they can be worn even when they are a bit too long. Elastics can be naturally removed when wanted. The overalls have press buttons on the shoulders.

These are made of soft orange corduroy, previously a women’s skirt. Lining and pockets are made of retro curtain with cute elephants.

I like the result. So does my son, since he refused to take them off again. Or maybe he was just fed up with dressing and undressing. Mommy’s little model..

More overalls..

If last week was dress week for me, this week has been overalls week for me. I got a hold of this pattern for overalls from the 70s and of course I had to try it out. My first experiment was with dark blue vintage fabric with big butterflies and ladybirds and other kinds of bugs. It used to be a curtain and is made of strong thick cotton. The overalls are closed with few press buttons on the shoulder.

These retrobugs also flew to

Overalls are IN!

I think one of my favourite piece of clothing for kids is overalls. It is so handy to wear for daycare or for outings. It’s warm because it  keeps the shirt tucked in then again not too warm. You can never have too many pairs of overalls. Besides, how cute do the little ones look in overalls!

These overalls are made of old blue corduroy jacket with lining and pockets of retro cotton from an old pillowcase. They are made with 70’s pattern, with few changes of my own.  There is elastic at the back to make the diaper fit a bit better. My favourite, definitely!

p.s. These overalls you can find in!!