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Baby jeans

My friend asked me to make some baby jeans for her little bellybaby who will be born later this year. She wanted colourful sets that would fit nicely for both a boy or a girl. I made few jeans out of her old stretchy jeans that were nice and soft for baby clothing. I added giraffe applique in the front and small pockets at the back. Yellow ribbing gives nicely colour to the dark denim. The size is 68cm.

Another pair in size 62cm got orange ribbing for colour and an owl applique in the front. Both of them turned out really cute. I just can’t wait to see the little one wearing them!

Tags to suit..

Re-designed clothes must naturally have re-designed tags. I have been pondering for a while now how to make them nice and simple enough so it won’t take hours and hours to put them together. Then I found an old childrens card game in the flee market. It was missing a board and was therefore useless in its original purpose but the cards were wonderfully colourful and retro. So, I had an idea.

The tags are simply printed out and glued to the cards. I attach them to the clothes with various metal straps that I have gathered from used garments. Simple and still so cute! Now I just have to go hunting for some more cute retro card games…