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Bugpants times two

I have been busy making underpants for Onni these last few days and I am happy to say that the potty training is going great! He has been in the kindergarten without a diaper and there has been no extra laundry all week. I am thrilled! And he looks so cute with his retrobug pants that I just had to make more of those. These two bugpants are however for two little brothers for the hot summer days. They are made of Retrobug jersey and orange ribbing and are in sizes 74cm and 92cm. The pattern is the same one I made before after some old retropants.

I can’t wait to see those little boys in their bugpants. :D

Birthday set

A little friend of ours turned four years this week, so I made him a birthday set of t-shirt and jeans. The shirt is made of dotted and stripy jerseys and has a letter K appliqued in front. (After his name) The jeans are recycled material with green rib in the waist and a car applique in front. Back pockets are a must, naturally, and the legs are turned showing green cotton lining underneath. They can be worn long as well by removing the bands attached to the buttons at sides. This set is nice and relaxed for a little boy and perfect for some  football or other games outside. Happy Birthday little mr K. :)

Summer outfit for a little girl

A friend of mine is having a babygirl in few weeks time. I am sure they have received lots of pink presents so I decided to make something bit more colourful for the soon to be born baby. This Retrobug outfit is for the little one for the warm summer days. The soft jersey fits nicely for little baby’s clothing. Small dress for a small girl and pants to fit the outfit. Perfect for a little retro princess ;)

Little Retrobug boy

Look at this little Alex boy! Such a cutie pie with his Hedgehog car shirt. Thank you Alex’s auntie for sending the picture to me. It is always so nice to see little Retrobugs in action. :)

p.s. Remember to try the Summer Skirt Tutorial and tell me what you think! :)

Have a good week,

Retrobug fabric

The holiday is over and we are back at home. Oh my it was lovely to spend some time off and enjoy the sun and even the rain. But it sure is great to be back at home as well. And even more lovely it was to find an exciting parcel waiting for me at home.

I ordered some fabrics a while ago with my Retrobug logos in them and they had finally arrived! I am so excited. I ordered some organic cotton knit as well as thin cotton lawn. I am going to start experimenting with them right away. I think I’ll make some kid’s shirts from the cotton knit and a some dresses from the cotton to start with. I just can’t wait to see how they turn out to be!

p.s. There will be a Summer Skirt Tutorial coming up in next few days, as soon as I get it finished. ;) So stay tuned!

A pile of trousers

I have added a pile of trousers to Retrobug Shop. There are trousers in all possible cool retro fabrics and in several sizes. They are great for the summer as they are nice and thin and with the rib on the ankles you can wear them as capri pants as well. My son would wear nothing else these days :D Here’s few of them.

Check out the rest in the Retrobug Shop. ;)

A lonely bunny

Here’s one of the dresses that will be in the Retrobug shop. Since I love those bunnies so much, I appliqued one on this brown dress. I think she fits nicely to this spotted dress. The bunny dresses were a hit on the Summer Market last weekend. This one is the only one left of the appliqued Bunny dresses. I have to start making some more. ;) And maybe some skirts too.. More of those in the next post.

Summer dresses

Greetings from holiday. I have been enjoying my time last few weeks. We had a wonderful weekend at the Lappeenranta Summer Market. Although it was rainy at times, there were plenty of people and lots to see. Thanks for everyone visiting our booth. It was nice to meet you all in person. :)

I’ve stayed away from the sewing machine last few days. I have just visited flee markets searching for new fabrics and ideas. It has been lovely! Now I am starting to look forward of getting back at making stuff. I will also add lot of dresses, skirts and trousers to the Retrobug Shop in next few days when I get to upload the pictures. Here are some of the dresses that will arrive to the shop.

Happy Summer everyone,

Huggables, Summer Market & retro wheels

I have been busy busy with preparations for the Summer Market in Lappeenranta. So busy that blogging has been a bit slow, sorry about that. But now I have a huge pile of Retrobug trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses, not to mention Huggables and all kind of accessories and I am looking forward to the weekend. Look at these wheels where Huggables are driving to the Market. How retro are they! These ones and many more you can also find at the Lappeenranta Summer Market this weekend.

See you there,