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My son asked me to make him a Robot shirt, since the old one had become too small for him ages ago. I had a picture drawn for a long time, but getting it to the shirt turned out more difficult than expected ;)

So finally I got to finish another Robot shirt for him. This time short sleeve and with spotty fabric at the back, stripes in front and yellow star jersey in sleeves.

The Robot itself is a bit funny. Has green spotty eyes with buttons and is wiggling away. I think it is doing some form of Robotdance. ;) Well, it was a funny one to make. Now, I gotta whip up a Summer cap for my son. The sun is shining and on Friday they have a Summer festival in the kindergarten. :)



It has been a busy last few months. My little boy is already over three months old and he is truly a funny little one. He makes his mom laugh everyday. Nowadays he has started to sleep a bit longer during the day so I have had time to sew some things again, which is great. I have definitely missed sewing! Today we went to a three year old birthday and I had made the birthday boy a soft terry shirt with Robot applique. I used brown and stripy terry for the shirt and velor and jersey bits for the applique. Onni was a bit upset that I made a robot shirt for someone else than him, so I think there will be another robot shirt in the making soon.. ;)


Happy Monster

I made this happy monster shirt for Onni today. He is into monsters these days, as well as dinosaurs. Anything that growls is cool and he sure likes to play one too. :) There is a lot of growling in the house these days. But it is ok, as long as the monsters and dinosaurs are nice. And they are. If they do something naughty, Onni is very strict to put them in the naughty corner and have them apologize. ;) So cute!

Hedgehogs for a little boy

A small post here in between the Christmas calendar…

A little boy got a beautiful name today and for the occasion I made this outfit for him. Little hedgehog onesie with comfy velor trousers. I appliqued a small hedgehog in the front and added bright turquoise button as an eye to give a bit of colour. Congratulations little man once more! :)

Not so scary dinosaur..

My son loves dinosaurs. He has one of his dinosaur friends with him in the kindergarten and he sleeps with it every day at nap time. How adorable, I thought when I heard about that. So, I was thinking, maybe I should make some clothing for him with some cute dinosaur applique. Well, drawing a dinosaur was no problem but when I showed my adorable sketch to Onni, he was not impressed. Apparently, dinosaurs should look scary. And no matter what I did, I could not draw a scary dinosaur. So, I gave up and he got a shirt with a not so scary dinosaur applique. :D

p.s. Sorry about the bad quality of the picture. The Winter sure makes photographing lot more difficult up here in the North. ;)


And then oooops! I got this from Emmi from Hippu blog ages ago and I have totally forgotten to post it. So Sorry! The rules of this award say that you have to forward this to five beautiful blogs as well as tell three things that you love and share a photo that is dear to you.

Well, since I am so late in responding to this, I think all of my favourite blogs have already received this many times, so I will hand this one out to all of you creative and inspiring people behind wonderful and colourful blogs. Thank you for giving me the inspiration when I need it the most and joy for making and creating new things every day.

Three things that I love…

1. My boys (goes without saying)

2. Outdoor markets, flee markets and Christmas markets. Especially in crispy Autumn and Winter weather with a hot drink in my hand ;)

3. Vintage fabrics. (Surprise surprise!) I could call myself a collector of fabrics, since although I make things out of some of them, I do find that the pile of Do Not Touch! fabrics keeps getting bigger and bigger in my workspace.

This is one of my favourite photos of Onni. It is rare to see him lying still so when he was chilling on the sofa one afternoon, I used the opportunity to take few head shots of him. ♥

Bunny outfit once again

I returned to my favourite fabric once again and made a bunny outfit with jeans and a velor shirt. The jeans have red ribbing on the waist and in ankles and they are made of soft recycled jeans. I also made some back pockets, but forgot to take a picture from behind ;) The shirt is made of red velor and is nice and soft to wear. The neckline is orange ribbing and there is a bunny applique in front. The jeans also has a bunny appliqued in front so they make a nice set.

This set is actually a birthday present for a little one year old girl. I made the jeans roomy so they are comfy to wear with a diaper. I am used to making wide cut trousers because Onni wore cloth diapers and they needed more space than disposable diapers. That is why some of his old trousers still fit him now, although they have gotten short long time ago. Well, he can use them as capri pants and shorts at the summer ;) I hope the birthday girl likes her soft present.

Have a good weekend everyone.

I am gonna show you few of my favourite fabrics again soon. I have done some nice finds again lately and just can’t wait to show them to you. ;)

Mr fuNky RoBOt

Let me introduce you to Mr Funky RObot. He is truly recycled a robot. He was created out of old bits and pieces, pillow cover corners, old t-shirt and used buttons but inside his recycled body beats a gentle heart. He is truly a funny robot, who likes to spend time in kindergarten and likes to make kids ( in all ages) smile. He lives in a spotty world and occasionally he imagines that all the spots are stars and he travels the universe searching for a friend. Because although he is a funny little robot, he sometimes gets a bit lonely. I think I have to help him to find a friend, don’t you think so? ;)

Oh baby!

This set is for a little baby boy who came to this world on Friday 13th. What a great day to be born and bring good luck to all his family. :) I wanted to make something soft and cuddly for him and ended up making a body out of Retrobug cotton knit with orange ribbing. I also made stripy terry trousers to match the body and appliqued a small elephant in front. The ear is made by cutting a hole to the applique so the fabric underneath shows through. Nice and simple! Since he is a tall handsome boy, I made the set in size 68/74cm so he can fit into it a bit later in the Winter. I think he will look adorable in Retrobugs and stripes ;)

Happy mushroom

I’ve been organising my workspace and clearing out small bits and pieces of fabrics lately. I like the part when you have a pile of small fabrics and you are trying to figure out what to do with them. Since it is Autumn, I wanted to make something with a happy mushroom :D And this is how it turned out.

The shirt is made out of yellow stripy jersey, leftovers from this hoodie I made before and white single jersey. The mushroom is made of an old red curtain with white hearts as well as white velor and appliqued in front. I added red ribbing and used red thread to sew the hemline and sleeves for added colour. It sure is a happy shirt.