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More green and an old friend

I think Summer is the time of the year when all kids suddenly grow out of their clothes leaving parents desperately trying to find something to wear for those first days in Kindergarten or at school in Autumn. I have been focusing on making more trousers and shirts for Onni, as the sleeves and legs of all his old clothes have gotten inevitably short. This shirt is made of green and white stripy terry with yellow ribbing. An old friend, a lion, got to decorate the front of the shirt. Onni fell in love with this lion when I made a shirt with it to a little friend of ours for his two year birthday. Now finally Onni has a shirt of his own with this fellow. He is yet to be named, but Onni has been thinking about few possibilities already.. ;)


Here are some action pictures of the little man. He loves his “ljooona” lion friend. :)

Few little lions

This shirt is a birthday present for a little two year old boy. Onni and he have been playing together lately and they have been growling and pretending to be dinosaurs and lions. Us parents have been “scared” a lot last few days ;) So, since he and his family are going back to Norway in few weeks time, I decided to make some growling buddies for him in a shirt. Though, these lions look very tame compared to the boys. They definitely know their grrrrrooooows! :D

Funky giraffe in action

I am so happy to see little kids enjoying their Retrobug clothing or Huggables and of course it is nice to see   happy customers in all ages ;) Here is  another cute picture of Retrobug  clothing in action. Look at this little Ivar boy.  What a cute grin! :) Such a happy camper with his funky giraffe shirt.

Birthday set

A little friend of ours turned four years this week, so I made him a birthday set of t-shirt and jeans. The shirt is made of dotted and stripy jerseys and has a letter K appliqued in front. (After his name) The jeans are recycled material with green rib in the waist and a car applique in front. Back pockets are a must, naturally, and the legs are turned showing green cotton lining underneath. They can be worn long as well by removing the bands attached to the buttons at sides. This set is nice and relaxed for a little boy and perfect for some  football or other games outside. Happy Birthday little mr K. :)

A Moped

Onni loves mopeds. And cars. And airplanes. And tractors. Basically anything that runs on engine. Most of the time he plays with his small cars, tractors and mopeds and even though he got all excited about little dinosaurs I got for him the other day, he even makes them to drive his fire truck. It is quite funny and cute how excited he gets when he hears a plane or a moped outside. A true broooom brooom boy.

So, when I was making him this shirt, I just had to applique a moped in front. He was one happy little kid this morning going to kindergarten with his moped shirt. “Look mommy, a mooooped. Broooom broooom. A moooped!” :D

Little Retrobug boy

Look at this little Alex boy! Such a cutie pie with his Hedgehog car shirt. Thank you Alex’s auntie for sending the picture to me. It is always so nice to see little Retrobugs in action. :)

p.s. Remember to try the Summer Skirt Tutorial and tell me what you think! :)

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Giraffe or something

This shirt is a quick one from today after going through my fabric left overs. I combined stripy brown jersey knit with yellow one and appliqued a giraffe in front. (or so it was supposed to be) The giraffe is made of brown and white hippo fabric and few buttons. The legs and tail is zigzag stitched on the fabric. This long necked fellow sure looks a bit wobbly with such a skinny legs but let’s just blame it on artistic freedom. ;) The shirt is size 98cm and will go to the Retrobug Shop. So, check it out!

Hedgehog dreaming of cars

This one made me giggle today.

A friend of mine asked me to make a shirt for her nephew. She wanted to have a hedgehog in the front but she also loved the car fabric. So, I ended up mixing up orange jersey knit with the car jersey and made a hedgehog out of that in front. This hedgehog is namely a devoted car fan and therefore thoughts of cars just fill his days ;) And these cars are definitely cute ones to dream about.

Simple stripes

I just love stripes. If it were up to me, I would have stripes in everything. Or polkadots. But definitely stripes. ;) I had some leftover velors that I combined into this stripy hedgehog shirt for my son. The blue button as hedgehogs eye gives a bit of colour into this familiar yellow, white and brown colour scheme of mine.