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Cars Cars Cars

It is funny how boys tend to like cars no matter what you do. My son has been a huge car fan since he was a baby. He would Brrrr Brrrrr with what ever he got a hold of and pretend it was a car. His dad is not much a car person, neither am I, so we find it funny that he is so fascinated with them. Because of his love of cars, I just had to buy this car fabric when I saw it in a net shop a while ago.

I had enough fabric to make also a birthday present for Onni’s four years old cousin. He is also a little car enthusiast. The car in front of the shirt is appliqued of leftover velor bits. Perfect outfit for a little mechanic, I think.

Up in the clouds

So, the Santa came and went again and left us with joyful Christmas spirit. Thank you all our dear friends from all the lovely presents and cards. Onni enjoyed opening everyone of them. :)

So, now I can finally show you few things I have been making before Christmas. This set was a Christmas present to a cute little boy. I wanted to do some printing again so I printed this brown shirt with bunch of yellow clouds. I added green ribs to give some colour and made a matching green trousers to make a set complete. I just love brown, yellow and green together.

Little 1 year birthday boy

I made this shirt to a cute little birthday boy, who turned one year a while ago.  The shirt is made of brown and stripy jersey and has number one appliqued in front. At the back I also appliqued the birthday boy’s name. The shirt reminds me of football shirt, just cuter ;)  Congratulations, little boy!

Wanna wear a tie?

I saw this cool idea in some website a while ago and I have wanted to give it a try ever since. There were these cute kids shirts with appliqued ties and I thought they were just adorable. Naturally I didn’t find the website anymore, when I went looking for it. So, I had to experiment. I took an old, dark brown t-shirt of mine and made a shirt for my son. For the tie I used cute little umbrella fabric, which I found in my leftover pile. It didn’t turn out quite as I expected but it is a cute idea. I also made one for the other man in the house. Now the boys can wear ties casually together ;)

Wroom Wroom..

I found an old children’s sheet full of colourful cars and I was inspired to sew a Wroom shirt. This one is for a little car enthusiast boy, who knows already more about cars and trucks that I ever will. He sure is a clever boy!

The shirt is green jersey and the cars are cut from the sheet and appliqued on top. I also used the sheet for the hood to give some colour. Definitely wroooom a shirt!

Owl with a pocket

Ok, there is no denying it. Winter has arrived. It is stormy outside and early this week, we had our first snow. So, I figured, it’s time to sew something warm for the chilly Winter days. My son needed a warm sweater for the daycare. So, I made this one of thick jersey knit and orange velor. I appliqued a retro owl in front, with little legs hanging loose. The owl is also a pocket, where he can keep his little treasures. Nice and comfy indeed.. isn’t it?

Rock bunnies and funky giraffes

I am hooked! Once you start printing those cool little retro prints on fabric, you can’t stop. It is great to be able to make your own prints in fabric. Time consuming it is, but definitely worth it! Here are some more prints that I have done on baby shirts.

I like bunnies, I mean who doesnt’t like bunnies? So, bunnies it is then. These bunnies come with a bit of rock attitude. Rock Rock!!  The little giraffes however, are more funky than rock…Which one do you like better? I just can’t decide.

Today I have been working with a bunch of cup carriers in cool retro colours.  I will give you some tastings very soon.. So stay tuned!

T-shirts a’la retro

I have closets full of clothes that I don’t use anymore. Some too small, some just  not my style anymore. Some of my old t-shirts I have managed to reuse by making small shirts and onesies for my son. To make dull plain shirts a bit more exciting for the little ones, I have hand printed cute retro animals etc. on them.

This plain white t-shirt in soft bambu fabric became onesie with brown elephants and yellow suns. Rrrrretro.

Party on!

We were invited to 1 year birthday party last weekend. So, naturally one has to dress up for the occasion. I ended up making a cute party-shirt for my son out of Mickey and Minnie printed velor. It used to be a bit bigger shirt with worn out hemlines and collar, but it had just enough fabric to make size 86 cm shirt for the little toddler. Party on!