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Owl costume

My son has a costume party at the kindergarten today and therefore we had to figure out a costume for him. He wanted to be a spider but the idea of making a spider costume was a bit creepy, as I really dislike spiders :D So I got him to change his mind and so we decided to make an owl costume. As always, I wanted to make something comfortable to wear, since kids are always jumping around and my son is definitely not an exception.

I ended up making a brown terry hoodie with appliqued feathers in the front. There are also feathers under the arms so he can fly around like an owl ;) The hood is the owl’s head with pointy ears and big eyes and of course a peak. Little owl feet are hanging from the hem seam to finalize the look.

Such a lovely owl boy, don’t you think? ;)

Mommy’s little monster

This outfit is also for my friend’s baby. She saw the cotton knit in my fabric piles and wanted a hoodie from it. It is really nice and soft knit with cute little colourful monsters and text I’m a little monster! ;) I used press buttons in the front and also made matching velor pants with kneepads to go with the hoodie. The outfit is size 70cm but the trousers will definitely fit long because of long ribbing on the waist and ankles. Perfect for mommy’s little monster!

Baby bunnies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the blog (Sorry about that!!) but I have been busy making bunch of stuff. There has been lot of bunny clothing for little kiddies in the making as well as some summer skirts for bit bigger girls. Now I finally got to take pictures and show you some of them.

This bunny outfit is for a little baby boy and it is size 70cm. It is made of soft velor and the hood has a white lining. I added press buttons in front in stead of zipper because in such a small clothing I feel they are more comfortable. :) The trousers are off white and have no side seams. Comfy comfy! It is nice to make a bit more calm coloured clothing for a change and not just bright reds and oranges all the time.

Dinosaur hoodie

Onni has a costume party at his kindergarten today and I wanted to make him a costume that is still comfortable and easy to wear the entire day. I also prefer making clothing that can be worn in everyday life as well and not just in costume parties. Since dinosaurs are the thing right now in his games, we decided to make a dinosaur hoodie for him. It is comfy to wear as it is made of green, yellow and brown velor. I added some spikes at the back seam and a appliqued a dinosaur foot mark in front of the hoodie as a detail. The little dinosaur seemed happy with his outfit and was practicing dinosaur sounds and moves before he headed to kindergarten. ;)

Sorry about the bad pictures, taking pictures early in the morning is not the best of ideas in Winter. ;)

Grrrroooowl! to all of you…

Bunnies for girls and boys

Here are few Christmas presents that I made this year. My sister ordered a bunch of bunny clothes for her friend’s babies and I think they turned out lovely. The velor with a bunny applique is a nice and comfortable  combination for the little ones. I made some dresses for girls and trousers, overalls and hoodie for boys. I think I have to make Onni something similar, maybe a vest with a little bunny. Would be cute cute ;)

Owls in a hoodie

These little owls found a home in front of a stripy hoodie for a little two year old boy. I seem to rediscover owls every Autumn. I was thinking of making a giraffe or lions here,  but I could not get the owls out of my head. So owls it was. Now I feel like making fitting orange and green Huggable Owls. Big and soft owls with hearts in their eyes. I am owl inspired ;)

The hoodie is made of green and white terry, leftovers of the lion shirt I made earlier for Onni. I added an orange lining in the hood out of cotton knit and white press buttons in the front. I think the combination of green and orange turned out quite nice.

Sunshine sweater

This hoodie for Onni is made out of recycled jersey bits I had in my stocks. I wanted to make a lined jersey hoodie for Onni for those cool Autumn days at the kindergarten. I love the quality of this used Nanso jersey nightie. The material feels as good as new and is so soft to wear. Besides, this yellow colour was just too bright and lovely to pass. The pocket in front is made of small car shirt that didn’t fit Onni anymore. I lined the hoodie with thin white jersey and added green ribbing to match the car fabric. I think it turned out quite cute. A bit of sunshine to the grey Autumn days :)

Twin set of bunnies

These bunny velor sets are for two year old twin girls. One of them loves pink and the other one likes to dress up in yellow and brown. The hoodies have bunnies at the back and zipper in front and are both lined with white jersey. The trousers have long ribbing on the waist and and ankles. Appliqued bunnies decorate the front of both trousers. I think these sets look double as adorable together ;)

The Bee

I was inspired to take up crocheting again after many years. I found these two cool cotton threads in beautiful yellow and brown and just could not resist. So, the result is: The Bee Sweater.

It was actually easier to make than I expected. I just followed a pattern of one of Onni’s sweaters and sewed them together at the end. I was thinking 0f making a hood in the sweater but I decided to make a collar after all. In the front I added buttons that are covered with yellow terry. I am hooked. I will definitely make more of these. Maybe in green. Or in orange…