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Bugpants times two

I have been busy making underpants for Onni these last few days and I am happy to say that the potty training is going great! He has been in the kindergarten without a diaper and there has been no extra laundry all week. I am thrilled! And he looks so cute with his retrobug pants that I just had to make more of those. These two bugpants are however for two little brothers for the hot summer days. They are made of Retrobug jersey and orange ribbing and are in sizes 74cm and 92cm. The pattern is the same one I made before after some old retropants.

I can’t wait to see those little boys in their bugpants. :D

Bugpants in action

I managed to get a photo of my son wearing his Retrobug pants and shirt, so here comes the promised action picture. He wore them to the kindergarden today without a diaper and stayed dry all day long. Soon we can skip the diapers for good! Yes! So, now I just have to get busy making more underpants for the little man. :)

Pants full of bugs

My son has been potty training for last few weeks and it is finally paying off. He seems to have figured out that it is so much more comfortable without the diaper. So, nowadays he just wants to wear underpants and nothing else. Good thing it is summer so he won’t catch a cold running half naked around the house. Of course accidents happen occasionally and therefore we wash a lot of undies. It is also handy to have a full stock of underpants so the boy don’t have to run naked around here. To fill up the stock, I made few sets of underwear for him. I wanted to try this Retrobug jersey I ordered before, since it is so nice and soft and therefore perfect for underwear.

I  must say I like how it turned out. Yellow ribs give the bug fabric a nice contrast and the pants look so retro! I took the pattern for the pants from an old pair of undies from the 70s. I managed to finish the set just before the little guy went to sleep so we only did a quick try on. The set seemed to fit pretty nicely though. Action pictures will follow later. ;)