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Stripes, stripes, more stripes

Ok. Now I am done. No more crocheted clothes for the little man.

I just had to make this hooded vest because of the lovely yarn I found. I knew immediately that these colours would be perfect in stripes. Stripes, stripes, stripes. I keep on making stripy things no matter what.

Once again I had no instructions for this vest, I crocheted the pieces with approximate measurements from another vest and improvised the rest. A press button in the front and it is ready! Onni was not in a modeling mood, so action photos will have to wait, but he did wear it successfully for a half an hour or so. In our scale, that is a success. ;)

Thunderbirds are go..

This Thunderbirds fabric is some old curtain that I got some years ago. I originally made a jacket out of it and was left with fairly small pieces of fabric.  A friend of mine saw the jacket and wanted a vest for her son. Fortunately it was just enough to make this Thunderbirds vest in size 110cm. There is light padding inside the vest so it is perfect for spring weather on top of fleece jacket or similar. Thunderbirds are go!

Hooded vest

My little boy started in the kindergarten few weeks ago and he just loves it. I have been going through all his clothes and marking them with name tags so they won’t get lost. It also became obvious that it has been a while since the previous inventory as lot of the clothes were too small for him already. Either he grows really fast or his mommy is lazy doing inventories… ;)

Whatever the case, I had to get busy and make some clothes for him. This one is a hooded vest made out of woolen knit. I just love this fabric, I found it from Rosa Matilda online shop a while ago. The lining is brown jersey knit. This vest is perfect on top of thin long sleeve shirt in the winter and on top of fleece jacket in the spring. And the colours are my favourites, naturally.