Shorts overalls

Here’s another Summer outfit I made for my little boy. He is crawling a lot so I like to dress him in overalls, because they stay on so well ;)

These overalls are made of thin cotton that used to be jeans dress. I reused the straps and just added right sized buttons to fit them. They are adjustable so the outfit should fit a bit longer. Might be cute also in Wintertime with tights and longsleeve.  I also added a pocket in the front as there was some fabric left.  Stripy ribbing gives nice touch to the look. ;)

Comfy and cool!

We are on a holiday in Finland now, so I have been making Summer clothes for the boys lately. It can get very warm in Finland over Summer although last few weeks have been quite cool.

Since the little one is only 10 months old, I have made light long trousers for him that are not too hot to wear on hot Summer days but still protect his sensitive skin from the sun. I used thin cotton to make comfortable harem pants with a pocket on the side. The front and back are of different fabrics. In front I used old retro curtain, and backside is recycled spotty cotton. The pocket is also black and white dotted cotton. Comfy and cool!



My son asked me to make him a Robot shirt, since the old one had become too small for him ages ago. I had a picture drawn for a long time, but getting it to the shirt turned out more difficult than expected ;)

So finally I got to finish another Robot shirt for him. This time short sleeve and with spotty fabric at the back, stripes in front and yellow star jersey in sleeves.

The Robot itself is a bit funny. Has green spotty eyes with buttons and is wiggling away. I think it is doing some form of Robotdance. ;) Well, it was a funny one to make. Now, I gotta whip up a Summer cap for my son. The sun is shining and on Friday they have a Summer festival in the kindergarten. :)


Stripes and dots

I am a sucker for stripes and dots. I have piles of stripy and dotted fabrics and now I have decided to make stuff out of them before getting new fabrics. ;) Easier said than done.

This one birthday present helped me slightly. I made stripy tunic dress for one year old girl out of stretchy terry and matching dotted leggins. Red and white and green is such a summery combination. Reminds me of strawberries and ice cream and green grass. So glad the Summer is almost here!


Laptop sleeves

I have been making laptop sleeves again. A small bunny laptop sleeve, with yellow lining. Cute as a bunny, definitely a lovely addition to ones work look ;)

Another laptop sleeve is made out of one of my favorite retro fabrics. It has a nice geometric pattern and it looks really cool in a bag. The lining is made of old Finnish fabric called Optic Apple. I added a small pocket on the side, where you can have a charger or other essentials with you.

Spring cleaning!

I have not been blogging much lately. Naturally I have been busy busy with my little boy, who keeps me occupied all  day long but the blog also hasn’t been calling for me the way it used to. So, I decided it was time for some facelift, Spring cleaning, New Look!

So, here’s something bit more simple and clean. I like it. I already feel like hanging around here more.

Here’s the little Mommy’s boy on his new play mat. He needed a small play mat for the living room as we often sit on the floor and play with his toys there. (I know! He can sit by himself already. Where does this time go?? ;) ) I used black and white and yellow fabrics to make a nice colour combination, which also fits nicely to our living room. The other side of the mat is totally yellow.

It turned out really nice. The only problem is, that he is not staying on the mat that much anymore, as he is effectively learning to crawl these days.. :D

Bunny costume

Here is another costume I made last week. This was made to my friend’s daughter who wanted to be a bunny in her kindergarten costume party. We were thinking of an outfit that could be used after the costume party as well. So, I suggested on a dress that would have bunny ears on the hood and a little bunny tail at the back, that could be removed after the party. The dress is made of white velor and has pink velor lining in the hood and in ears. Pink ribbing adds a bit of colour to the dress.

This cute little bunny girl was a bit shy for the camera, but cute as a bunny nevertheless. ;)

Thank you Minna for the picture!

Now that the party is over, and the tail and ears are taken off, it might be fun to applique a colourful picture on the front. Maybe keep up the bunny theme with nice bunny applique. We shall see about that ;)

Owl costume

My son has a costume party at the kindergarten today and therefore we had to figure out a costume for him. He wanted to be a spider but the idea of making a spider costume was a bit creepy, as I really dislike spiders :D So I got him to change his mind and so we decided to make an owl costume. As always, I wanted to make something comfortable to wear, since kids are always jumping around and my son is definitely not an exception.

I ended up making a brown terry hoodie with appliqued feathers in the front. There are also feathers under the arms so he can fly around like an owl ;) The hood is the owl’s head with pointy ears and big eyes and of course a peak. Little owl feet are hanging from the hem seam to finalize the look.

Such a lovely owl boy, don’t you think? ;)

Stripes stripes

This laptop sleeve is made of stripy black and white thick cotton and has red polkadot lining. On top of padding I added fleece lining to give more protection for the computer. My hubby ordered a laptop sleeve from me ages ago, but it took forever for me to find time to get it done. Finally I got it done and conveniently just in time for his birthday ;) He was happy to get a laptop sleeve of his own. And I am happy, since now I got my own sleeve back :D