Summer Skirt Tutorial

The measurements are for a skirt in size 2-3yrs. Adjust the measurements for different sizes.

1. All you need is:
– 2  different cotton fabrics of your choice  (appx. 32cm x 70cm each plus a piece of your liking for the pocket)
–  A piece of ribbing in size 36cm x 20cm (This may vary depending on the quality of the ribbing. Measure the waist by stretching the ribbing to get accurate measurements.)
– One or many buttons or other decorative items for the pocket

2. Use the measurements below to cut two pieces of cotton from both fabrics. These measurements are appx. for a size 2-3 yrs. For a longer or wider skirt, adjust the measurements to your liking.

3. Cut a pocket from one of the fabrics and turn and iron the sides to the back.

4. Sew the mouth of the pocket and attach the pocket to one of the four skirt pieces with pins. You can add a label to the pocket now.

5. Sew the pocket in the front piece.

6. – 7. Attach the four skirt pieces together with overlock or sewing machine and iron the seams.

8. Now you have the four pieces sewn together. Mark the sides and the center front and back with pins.

9. Sew the hem with overlock or zigzag stitch.

10. Fold the hem and sew on top.

11. – 12. Sew the ribbing into a tube right sides are facing each other.

13. Fold the ribbing tube in half so the right side is facing out.

14. Mark the sides and center front and back with pins.

15. Attach the ribbing to the skirt with pins in the sides and center front and back. Stretch the ribbing and sew the pieces together with overlock or zigzag stitch.

16.- 17. Add a button or buttons and other decorative items to the pocket and iron the seams. The skirt is done!

To change the measurements for adult size skirt, measure your hip and divide the number by four. Add one to the number and you have the measurement for the top part of the pieces as shown in pict. 2.  Multiply the number by 2 and you get the measurement for the low part of the pieces. Measure the length from your hip down to how long you want your skirt to be and add 1 centimeter for folding. Measure the ribbing by stretching it around your waist to get the appropriate measurements. Follow the tutorial with the altered measurements and have fun!

For any questions, please leave a comment or send me email. I am happy to help in any problems or inquiries.

So, give it a try and let me know how it turned out! :)


  1. saffiertje 27/04/2011

    I love this tutorial!!! So nice result…

  2. piia 27/04/2011

    Cool, great to hear that :)

  3. Tawnya 21/03/2013

    what is the cost of this particular green smoke and
    everyday maintaince cost also…..

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